RAGE 2 Guide – How To Farm Feltrite

Feltrite is extremely important for upgrading abilities. Find out how to effectively gather it.

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RAGE 2 isn’t a super-grindy game but Feltrite is still a very important resource to have. This blue substance is used to upgrade a number of abilities. So if you want to become truly overpowered in RAGE 2, then knowing where to reliably obtain Feltrite is important.

Start by looking for any unexplored locations on the map – these often contain a good amount of Feltrite (plus clearing it out will net some experience). Smash every kind of supply crate that you find since there will likely be Feltrite inside. Also, pay attention to the walls – Feltrite can be embedded within and using Focus will pull it out. Each piece has to be pulled out separately but you get 24 Feltrite per piece. Not a bad trade.

For “reliable” sources of Feltrite, killing enemies is the way to go. They’ll almost always drop a bit of Feltrite which adds up over time, especially since you’re going to be killing a lot of baddies. Sometimes, you’ll spot a meteorite falling from the sky which can contain Feltrite. This happens randomly and you’ll need to kill the enemies congregating around it to claim for yourself.

It’s also worth noting that the in-game cheat code Progress Booster can be used to double Feltrite gained for 4 hours. You’ll need to find the Wizard Wasteland shop, purchase the cheat for $500 and activate it from the Settings – Cheats menu. Keep in mind that using any cheats will prevent you from getting any Achievements or Trophies. However, if you’re hard up for Feltrite or want to fully upgrade everything en route to 100 percenting the game, it may help.

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