Shenmue 3 Guide – How To Make Money Fast And Bell Tower Puzzle Solution

Amass a small fortune quickly and find out how to solve that annoying Bell Tower puzzle.

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Like its predecessors, Ys Net’s Shenmue 3 offers a number of activities for players to indulge in. You’ll learn quickly enough that some of these activities are essential for earning money or Yuan. At some points you’ll need quite a bit so how do you go about easily earning it?

You could start with a basic job like woodcutting. It pays 70 Yuan each time and can be taken up in the Tao Get Store after speaking to Tao Guanzhong. Fishing is also a decent alternative – check out our guide here for more details. Also check out our guide here for tips on gathering herbs since complete sets can sell for a good amount.

However, the real fat stacks can be found in gambling. Win enough games and you’ll receive tons of tokens to trade in for valuable items to sell. First though, you’ll stack the odds in your favor. Head to the village square and look for a shop with a Yin/Yang sign. This is the fortune teller Zhu Tianwen and if you pay some money, she’ll tell you a “lucky” color.

If you look around the shop, you’ll find a gambling game involving a Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon. Make sure you buy some tokens beforehand and select the “lucky” color that the Fortune Teller revealed. You’ll win a majority of the games though the effect is only for a few hours. Don’t worry though – just head back to the Fortune Teller and get another “lucky” color before continuing the process.

After amassing lots of tokens, head back to the Panda Market and trade it for items like gems which fetch a good price. These can be sold at the Pawnbroker for thousands of Yuan.

Bell Tower Puzzle Solution

If you thought the hide and seek mini-game was annoying, the Bell Tower puzzle will easily test your patience. Essentially, you’ll need to see Elder Yeh to learn about the Verdant Bridge and will subsequently tasked with solving the Bell Tower puzzle. The first step is to find six tokens.

The first is located in a cabinet just opposite of where Elder Yeh is sitting. The second can be found in a shelf just behind that cabinet. The third token involves moving furniture about and heading into a gap with a cabinet – the token is located inside. The fourth token is to the left to the cabinet – a shelf which houses it in the third drawer

But wait, there’s more. For the fifth token, shift the cabinets on the left and look inside. Finally, look for the sliding door to your left for the sixth token. With all six tokens in hand, it’s time to go to the Bell Tower. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to go back to Bailu Village when embarking. Finish any pending tasks before that.

Upon reaching the Bell Tower, you’ll see six pillars with symbols on them. You need to match the corresponding token with each pillar. Here are the solutions:

  • Shield Pillar – Sword Token
  • Sun Pillar – Moon Token
  • Steamed Buns Pillar – Wine Token
  • Open Palm Pillar – Fist Token
  • Phoenix Pillar – Dragon Token
  • Turtle Pillar – Crane Token

Finally, go upstairs and enter the following combination: Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left. Voila – the Bell Tower puzzle has been solved.

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