The Division 2 Guide: How to Complete The Operation Dark Hours Raid And Defeat All Bosses

The looter shooter's first raid can be fairly tough at times - here's how to effectively complete it.

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The Division 2

The Division 2’s first raid, Operation Dark Hours, has been out for a bit. So by now, you should have the required gear and DPS to fully take on its challenges. How exactly do you beat the raid though? What should you know about the mechanics especially with Discovery Mode going live in the next update?

First, you’ll need a team of eight players (Discovery difficulty will have matchmaking so this is less problematic than before). Once you’re ready, go to the White House Base of Operations and walk up to the helipad. Speak to the pilot and select the Operation Dark Hours raid.

Boss: Boomer

Upon reaching the airport, you’ll have to traverse a tunnel, rappel upwards and battle a number of enemies. Once they’re cleared out, locate the exit and keep moving until you reach the food court (the Kerman Coffee logo will be seen in the middle). Get ready because your first boss fight, Max “Boomer” Bailey, is going to start.

The first step is to locate four nodes and shoot them. Boomer will show up when you do so. The key to defeating him is to have two players on mini-guns shooting his backpack. Once his backpack has been shot, Boomer will be stunned and must be shot in the head. As he starts to recover, shoot the green part on the front of his vest to stop him from healing.

The fight itself isn’t too tough but you have to be mindful of a couple of things. The terminals in the middle and nodes have to be managed properly or else Boomer will go immune. Various Elite enemies will also spawn and can cause serious damage if you don’t stop them. Memorize their spawn locations and how often they appear to effectively deal with them.

Boss: Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel

After the metal shutters open, you’ll travel through the airport and eventually reach a door for “authorized personnel only”. Enter this and keep going, crossing a bridge until you reach a control room where you can resupply. You now have to split into two groups, one traveling through A doors and the second going through B doors.

Each “side” has three monitors – front, center and back – with one turning green. You need to communicate with the other team on which monitor to simultaneously interact with. Once this is done, Ben “Dizzy” Carter and Carl “Ricochet” Dawson will be the next two bosses. A purple gas will also start to circulate in the room which deals the Choking Weapon Debuff. The key is to change this gas from purple to orange. Shooting with purple gas active deals significantly less damage.

Coordinate monitors between both groups yet again, making sure that each side hits the correct green monitor. Once this is done, the gas will turn orange and you’ll receive the Armor Breaker Debuff. Proceed to mow down both bosses because when one of them dies, a third boss – Oliver “Weasel” Gordon – will appear.

The monitors will now be inaccessible for both teams and the gas will cycle between purple and orange. Basically, when it’s purple, take cover and survive. When it’s orange, concentrate all fire on Weasel. When he’s dead, open the elevator and continue onwards.

Boss: Buddy & Lucy

When walking across the plane’s wingspan, you’ll eventually find a place to jump down. Numerous enemies will be present so kill them and keep moving forward through the courtyard. Eventually, you’ll find some escalators leading to the next fight.

The two bosses in the next section are Black Tusk Warhounds named Buddy and Lucy. Be especially careful of Lucy since she deals tons of damage. The key to this fight is Overcharge – a line can be seen on their health bars that represents this. Both Warhounds have to be damaged enough that their health doesn’t drop below the Overcharge line. If they do, have two players run to the middle and access the two laptops to stop it. A warning from ISAC will play if Overcharge is about to activate. Once Buddy and Lucy are dead, it’s time to deal with the final boss.

Final Boss: DDP-52 Razorback

This fight can be fairly complicated so don’t worry if it takes multiple tries. The DDP-52 Razorback is the last boss and requires a number of different steps to defeat. There are four SAM turrets surrounding the arena – split off into four teams of two, sending each to a different turret. One player needs to stand inside of a ring while the other has to destroy the SAM turret’s panel. The rings will go green if all turrets are down.

One player of each team needs to continue to remain in the circles. Locate two red vents on the side of the Razorback and shoot them until they fall off. Toss a grenade into each vent – successfully doing so will cause them to turn green. The Razorback will extend a battery tower, unleashing a torrent of drones. Destroy the drones as quickly as possible.

Once this is done, go towards the front of boss and fire at the exposed circuitry on its wings. Damage those enough and the battery will be exposed – naturally, you’ll want to shoot it. Once you deal enough damage, the Razorback will fire rockets and you must take cover to avoid them. Repeat the process above with the rings and vents to expose the batteries again.

Heavy Elites will eventually spawn close to the SAM turrets. You’ll hear a siren when this happens so kill them immediately or they’ll interact with the turrets and wipe the raid. More elites will spawn once the Razorback’s health drops. The last stretch of the fight will see all four teams of two going back to their original SAM turrets. Shoot at the hand scanners in sequential order – Team 1 shoots theirs first, then Team 2 and so on. Once this is done, the DDP-52 Razorback should be dead and you’ll have completed the raid.

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