Valheim Guide – How to Summon All Bosses

Here’s how to tackle all of the bosses currently available in early access.

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Contrary to popular belief, Valheim isn’t just about cutting down trees and dying when they fall on you. As you construct housing and get better armor and weapons, repelling raids and other foes, you’ll be motivated to fight some of the bosses. Currently, there are five bosses in the early access version and each contains ingredients for key items that will be useful for further progression. All bosses can be farmed continuously for their rare drops.

Eikthyr is the first boss, found in the Meadows biome. Upon spawning, interact with the Sacrificial Stones to locate a Mystical Altar. Collect two Deer Trophies and sacrifice them to the Altar – this will summon Eikthyr.

Defeating it will net you Deer Trophies (rare) and Hard Antlers, the latter being necessary to craft the Antler Pickaxe for mining ore. Eikthyr also drops the Eikthyr Trophy – take this back to your spawn point to unlock its Forsaken Power for less stamina depletion when running and swimming.

The second boss is Elder, located in the Black Forest biome. You’ll need to search Burial Chambers and Abandoned Houses for a Rune Stone, which will lead to the nearest Elder Monument. Collect three Ancient Seeds (which drop from Greydwarfs and Greydwarf Spawners) to summon him.

Elder drops the Swamp Key for unlocking the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome along with the Elder Trophy, which unlocks the ability to chop trees at a faster rate.

Bonemass is the third boss, located in the Swamp biome. Search the Sunken Crypts in the biome for a Rune Stone which will lead you to the Bone Altar. Collect 10 Withered Bones (which drop from Muddy Scrap Piles) and use them at the Altar to summon the boss.

Upon its defeat, Bonemass drops the Wishbone – this will reveal underground secrets like buried treasure. More importantly, it can be used to locate metal deposits underground, like Silver Ore in the Mountain biome (useful in crafting Wolf Armor). There’s also the Bonemass Trophy which provides some resistance to all damage.

Next up is Moder in the Mountain biome. First, you’ll need three Dragon Eggs, which can be found on peaks with Drakes usually patrolling. They’re heavy so you’ll need to carry them one at a time to a Ritual Site (or purchase the Megingjord accessory to increase carry weight to 450). Deposit an egg in each bowl and Moder will be summoned.

Upon defeating Moder, you’ll receive the Dragon Tear, which can be used to create the Artisan Table. It also drops the Moder Trophy – this provides the power to ensure that the wind will always be at your back when sailing. Again, ensure that’s kept at the spawn point.

The fifth boss is Yagluth. First, locate five Fuling Totems – these drop from Fuling Berserkers. Next, look for a Rune Stone in the Fuling Villages to locate Stonehenge Site. Use the Fuling Totems to summon Yagluth. Though it doesn’t currently provide an item upon defeat, it will drop the Yagluth Trophy which provides the resistance to poison, fire and ice.

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