6 Reasons Why Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Looks Better Than Skyrim

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Big Huge Games’ mega RPG is almost here. It’s due for release on February 7 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and the hype is at an all time high. Amalur has been compared to many games already- Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Fable and even God of War. But the game it is being compared the most to is Skyrim. It’s almost as if it’s going directly up against Bethesda’s recent masterpiece. What’s more, Ken Rolston, lead designer of Elder Scrolls III and IV, is also the lead of Kingdoms of Amalur, making the comparisons even more heated. Both are similar games, set in a high fantasy world with rich background and mythologies, both offering hundreds of hours of gameplay. But the question is, which of the two looks better?

Now, don’t get us wrong when we say this, but it looks like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning might just dethrone Skyrim. We loved Skyrim- it won our Game of the Year award and we gave it a glowing review too, but Reckoning is looking so good, it’s hard not to tilt a little bit towards it.

Below, we have given six reasons why we think Amalur might just turn out to be better than Skyrim. As always, we’d appreciate any feedback, and we know tons of you will want to hate on this article furiously, so fire away with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Richer game world

Skyrim’s game world is huge- huge. And just about everything you see and everyone you meet and every place you go has a unique and interesting history behind it. That makes the game world of Skyrim richer than most we’ve ever seen in any game. But now it seems like Reckoning might be able to topple that. We all know the game’s world basically has a fully detailed, highly comprehensive history and mythology, stretching back as much as 10,000 years, giving the world of Amalur an even richer feeling than Skyrim (possibly). From the previews and impressions of the game so far, it’s clear that Amalur is a rich world that feels just as much of a living and breathing entity as Skyrin does- maybe even more.

Awesome combat

Anyone who’s been following Reckoning even a bit would know that its USP is the combat. Sure, the art style is beautiful, the game world is insanely rich and there’s a ridiculous amount of things to do in the game, but we all knon- the developers themselves included- that it’s Reckoning’s combat that makes it so special, it’s combat that makes it stand apart from the rest of the “deep, rich” RPGs these days. Kingdoms of Amalur’s combat is downright awesome. It’s flashy, it’s responsive, it’s extremely accessible and a whole lot of fun to play. But it isn’t shallow, like so many other RPGs we’ve seen with good combat. No, Amalur is a a deep, complex RPG- as deep as Skyrim or Dragon Age or Dark Souls- and it has excellent combat. I know it’s hard to digest, we’ve never really had a similar combination before, but that’s just what Amalur is. And that’s what makes it so awesome.

Less glitches

The Elder Scrolls games are notorious for their glitches, and it isn’t really Bethesda’s fault that they are. Because all Elder Scrolls games are so damn huge in terms of size and scale, it’d be impossible not to have any glitches in them. Skyrim, too, has tons of glitches, some of which are downright game-breaking. And while the demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning had tons of glitches, we all know now that it was outsourced to a third party developer, that it was not made by Big Huge Games, and that it was built on a 3 months old code of the game, so it was bound to have glitches. Big Huge Games has said that the bugs won’t be present in the final game, and critics who’ve been playing the game have said that the most extreme bugs they’ve encountered are frame rate drops. Obviously, Amalur will have bugs, it’ll be impossible for it not to have them, considering it’s such a large game. But they’ll be far less in number and far less game breaking than the ones we’ve encountered in Skyrim.

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  • Seems im abit late on writing, and while my first reaction was outrage that you guys an girls dissed skyrim somewhat…after reading the artical and looking at those images id say that this game you mentioned looks abolutly breathtaking as far as artstyle and graphics goes…ill havta check it out, thanks for writting this artical! 🙂

  • truthboutskyrim

    hmmm…hated both games, especially skyrim…that game is a giant sad excrutiating excuse of a video game, getting most profits by advertising, deceiving and down right greedy tactics, concrentrating on making the game as pretty as possible (graphics) to make the simple minded say “oooooh, aaaaah” , very mediocre invironments, disgracefully low enemy variety, very low invironment variety (forests, forests, caves and OHH more forests!) ,shitty combat, sad excuse of a magic system, only decent thing MIGHT be the narrative…sad thing is, bethesda’s greedy tactics worked… i mean bethesda practically gave you a broken game for the first few months and all of you actually took it like lil bitches, to add insult to injury, now there apparently “making” DLCs and chargin people for it, squeezing every possible penny from you just to play a complete game that shouldve been like that from the start (imagine how much the game wouldve been better if all the DLCs were there from release date, as if they never left the game) if you seriously think there honest with all this DLC shit then i can see why bethesda would take this greedy route that is destroying the gaming world when so many gullible idiots like yourselves are out there…

  • THEterribleBOSS

    Skyrim OWNS Kingdoms of Amalur, it’s really obvious.

  • James

    You people are the reason why I don’t play Skyrim. I did play Kingdoms of Amalur and I had a blast with it. I might try out Skyrim when all this hype dies down.

  • Salah

    The Elder Scrolls is an old experience that sunday gamers will never understand.
    long live to Bethesda softworks and the Elder scrolls serie.

  • Christopher Bridson

    The combat? Tell me then if the combat is good then why does your character’s weapon “magically” appear holstered again at the start of a new combo?

  • Dan

    The company of KoA went bankrupt. What is Karma

  • PoliteRanterExceptDA2

    I own both skyrim and KoA and I think the both have their strengths and weaknesses they both have a vast worlds that let you experience a lot of hours of game play. Personally I think skyrim’s character customization is better than KoA. I think that KoA does support a better battle system than that of skyrim, (especially skyrims spell and dual wield systems I find to be slow and cumbersome.) Where as in KoA battle commands and spells flow more smoothly and natural. I do find KoA abit over the top with the cartoon like graphics but at the same time I believe Bethesda over killed the realistic look on skyrim. KoA also had a bit better direction giving for players who wanted more main story and less filler. For the players who love to just get lost somewhere and play skyrim is the better game for that.I preferred the faction quests in KoA over the ones in skyim I found them to be a bit more engaging. I think a good game format would be the nice open world of skyrim with faction quests like in KoA, about half as much what I like to call (pointless filler) skyrim had too much go to the inn get the contract to kill some bandits go get your 100 bucks from the castle steward. Then you smooth out the battle system from DA origins (not da2 fuck da2) and take away the one toon that can do everything under the sun character. This was the one thing I didn’t like in skyrim and KoA is you could do everything I prefer the multi character game where each toon is special has their own specialty and by making it one man does all it just seems like a shortcut and that’s where I would implement a more DA origins based team of characters as opposed to 1 guy or girl. Wow kind of went of on a tangent there anyway skyrim and KoA both have their pros and cons what I can’t wait to see is the company that finds the happy medium of these two games and makes a game truly epic.

  • Gay Shubhankar

    I owned both and gotta same they’re both amazing games but Skyrim is way better. is pretty clear that the idiot that posted this crap haven’t played Skyrim. Amalur does have lots of glitches and horrible voice over.Why do u think the company went bankrupt?

    • Shubhankar (GamingBolt)

      Maybe you need how to read (properly). Please check the date of the article. Or even read the content, for that matter. This article was published BEFORE KoA was released, and based purely on impressions and pre-release assumptions, as the article explicitly mentions so many times. Please don’t just comment after reading just the title. Thanks.

  • jimbo

    nope this guy sucks i didnt even read any of it and i know its bullshit skyrims controls are so much better and the graphics arent as toonish plus i played the demo for koa:r and it seems a little different

  • Angry SKYRIM player

    I’m still angry we can’t get the DLC’S for the PS3. so i want to sell it and buy it back for my Xbox360. So yes on this moment i find to that Skyrim sucks for PS3 but when you have a Xbox360 you’re HAPPY.

  • Dafuq?

    *sucessfull troll*

  • Ryan

    Oh look, another overhyped game.

  • this is the worst article I’ve ever read…

  • Zee

    1 Reason I will never EVER read anything from gamingbolt.com – This Article 🙂

  • Reece Chapman

    you havent listed a single benefit to us….
    soo now that i read your article are you going to tell us why its better lol
    when reading this you said skyrim has alot of glitches, but so will amalur!!
    skyrim has rich content, but so does amalur!!!!!
    skyrim has good combat, but….sooooo does amalur!!!

    i want to know WHY you think amalur is better by telling us what differences make it so and how the differences are going to benefit the players….


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