Are Scalebound, Quantum Break And Crackdown 3 Setting New Graphical Benchmarks For The Xbox One?

Microsoft’s upcoming portfolio of games represents a look at the future of gaming on the console.

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If you haven’t heard (not that we get tired of telling you), Microsoft had a rather excellent presentation at Gamescom. This was the presser headlined by three top exclusives for the Xbox One including Platinum Games’ Scalebound; Remedy Entertainment’s long-in-development Quantum Break; and of course, Crackdown 3 developed by Reagent and Cloudgine. Though opinions are somewhat mixed on which game properly stole the show – with many agreeing on Crackdown 3 – there’s no denying that each title showcased an entirely new graphical benchmark for the Xbox One.

While Scalebound showed off the potential of the console in handling a full-fledged Unreal Engine 4 title, Quantum Break showcased the power of Remedy’s Northlight Engine and the sheer attention to detail paid to its lighting and presentation. Then there was Crackdown 3, which is an entirely different matter. Let’s break down each game and see how they set standards in their own ways.


Scalebound (3)

It’s hard to believe that so many Unreal Engine 4 games are on the horizon, especially since we’ve seen what the engine can do for games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on PS4 (which essentially kept the same assets but managed to look so much better). We weren’t expecting all that much from Scalebound but wow, did it create an impression. From the open world setting and boss battles to the action RPG combat mechanics and dragon commands, topping it all off with four player co-op, Scalebound truly shows off what the Xbox One would be capable of.

Scalebound (1)

In many ways, Scalebound reminded us of fantasy rpgs which are characterized by large open areas, armoured soldiers and general art direction. As of now, it seems that the game is running at 1080p resolution though we can’t 100 percent confirm this until raw footage is made available but it definitely seems to be targeting 30 frames per second. The cut-scenes run in real-time, which is impressive, but it was the dragon that caught our eye. Platinum has implemented a good number of skeletal points, allowing it to move realistically, and when you factor in physically based rendering for characters to allow for details like skin and scales, it looks all the more compelling. As stated earlier, we honestly didn’t expect this much when Scalebound was first teased at E3 2014.

Scalebound (2)

Thankfully, Scalebound is as much about the finer details as well. Blades of grass would shift realistically as the dragon rummaged through them and lighting effects and draw distance looked good. There seem to be some performance issues with regards to the frame rate dropping below 30 FPS with very slight screen tearing. It’s to be expected when there are so many characters on-screen and a dragon which supposedly has a massive resource budget, along with everything else. We’ll see how that pans out for Scalebound when it’s showcased next.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break has afforded several different opportunities to study its visuals due to the number of times it’s been showcased in recent years. This year’s Gamescom presentation is quite different from what we’ve seen before and perfectly reflects the finer tuning Remedy has done on the title. Quantum Break’s gameplay appears to have made the leap into the cinematic presentation that its developer has been hyping up for so long.

Quantum Break_02

The Northlight Engine, a new engine created especially for Quantum Break, capably handled the game’s slow motion, bullet time sequences, dynamic physics and unique aesthetic. It was the real-time lighting which looked absolutely gorgeous especially when viewing the time lapse shots near the end of demo. Along with high quality depth of field and heavy bloom and perhaps the best volumetric lighting effects we’ve seen in a while all come together in a fascinating manner.

Quantum Break

The overall performance itself is also noteworthy since Quantum Break ran smoothly at 30 frames per second with V Sync and showed very little screen tearing. Of special note is Remedy’s use of Umbra seems to have helped improve occlusion methods, along with different effects which perfectly highlight its appeal. Again, we’ll be paying close attention to the final product to see just how good it looks compared to this demo. For now though, we’re pretty stoked.

Crackdown 3


What can we say that hasn’t been said till now? As far as technology goes, Crackdown 3 is simply insane, outstripping what’s possible on any console, much less what any single mega PC is capable of. The scale of destruction and the intensity displayed is unlike anything seen thus far. This is perhaps the first game we’ve seen this console generation that isn’t just a simple upgrade, making it absolutely impossible on previous gen platforms.


Crackdown 3 essentially makes a case for cloud computing with the game engine rendering the on-screen action while the complex physics calculations needed for the destruction are done on off-shore servers. This makes Crackdown 3’s multiplayer, where the full extent of the destruction can be experienced, dependent on the cloud. Since Gamescom, Microsoft has released some more information regarding the player’s Internet connection and how gameplay can vary depending on how your ISP works. Nonetheless, enough effort is being put in to ensure that your world state is properly in sync with other players in this mode.


Any skepticism we may have regarding the cloud’s working and just how reliable it will be is somewhat assuaged by Cloudgine developing the core engine while Reagent Games handles the art assets and overall gameplay. There are plenty of other questions though. How good of an internet connection will one need for the multiplayer? How much is it costing Microsoft in terms of resources? What will the level of destruction be in the single-player mode? Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode is set to launch in summer 2016 so more information will eventually be coming.

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    With Quantum Break and Scalebound the Xbox One now has games that surpass most games on the PS4
    And now Crackdown 3 is doing Cloud computing calculations that aren’t possible on the PS4

    • DeadChime

      Cloud computing is possible on any connected device…

    • Psionicinversion

      well its not possible on PS4 because they will never ever have the money to have the server farms specifically to do this stuff

    • GHz

      MSFT weren’t the only company researching ways to improve graphics by way of the cloud. There are different solutions, some which the PS4 SHOULD be able to take advantage of. After all the PS4 is a PC. But that’s just my opinion, because after what Cerny said a couple years ago about how the PS4 uses the cloud, the question is now how well prepared is the PS4 to take advantage of these other forms of cloud solutions. But I want to believe that it can. + they can always rent servers right? They don’t have to own them. I imagine they can leave it up to 3rd party to find their own solutions if they ever want to build big via cloud. That’s where MSFT have the advantage. Xbox is supported by a wealth of MSFT’s tech.

    • Psionicinversion

      Well considering cerny said the cloud can’t be used to enhance a consoles ability like MS has done and down played it at every opportunity they were thinking of very different ways. Ps4 cloud was probably just psnow to provide backwards compatibility although at a price.

      Sony would have to play catch up then, built the tech to use it and then builds the games you’ll be looking at a long time til they have a solution

    • GHz

      Yup! It’ll be interesting how all this play out. Crackdown is the start of it. 🙂

    • Foster Hampton

      What games has MS used it for? Titanfall? Forza? All they did was improve AI and lighting, neither one are very intensive,

    • angh

      No, he didn’t say that. Go and listen to the interview. And as for now he is right – about what he really said.

    • ShowanW

      yes u are correct in that anyone can do this.

      But this is not an overnight thing. Netcode and API’s would have to be written and such.

      Just think the Xbox One has been on store shelves for almost 2full yrs, and they started the “API’s and such for Azure 2yrs prior, and Crackdown doesn’t come out until 2016..

      So that’s basically 5-6yrs of backend infrastructure work.

      Also look at it like this, it took Sony 3yrs just to show what they were doing with the infrastructure they bought from Gaikai.

      And I havent’ even mentioned game development to take advantage of it.

      That’s a lot of work.

      If Sony (or Nintendo for that matter) aren’t already in the process of doing this now, there is no point in starting as it would take quite some time to get things going.

      Yes anyone can do it, but $$$ and time are definitely going to be needed.

      PS4 is a hit, so it’s generating $$$… Time and very skilled engineers are they only things left to do.

    • Agent_Blade

      I believe the PS4 can as well its all up to Sony and devs how they want to take advantage of that.

    • GHz

      Well I’m hoping too. Cerny needs to re address his stance on the matter, cause his statement makes Sony seem like they are out of touch with gaming advancements.

    • GHz

      Well Yoshida had said that they already explained how PS4 will be using the cloud, and that is streaming ps3 games via gaikai for about 20.00 squids a month. He also admitted at the time that MSFT’s use of the cloud was confusing to him. he said that he coudnt understand what MSFT was talking about. Then to top it off, Cerny, the architect of the PS4, turns around and said at the time, that what MSFT was attempting “wont work well in the cloud.” That’s what the man said, and the media ate that caca up. Now that MSFT has proved them all wrong, what does that mean about the design of the PS4 if its own architect couldn’t fathom what MSFTs engineers were brewing up? Just saying.

    • angh

      Yeah, just go to this Cerny guy and tell him he is stupid;)
      But maybe before you do that read what he said, and about what, exactly.

    • GHz

      What’s more important is the question being asked.

      “Can cloud computing be used for next generation consoles to make them more powerful over time.”

      So you tell me. Based on Mark’s answer, what did he mean?

    • angh

      oh, but he said ‘yes’ for this question.

    • GHz

      he said, “If we think about things that don’t work well, trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won’t work well in the cloud.”

      Crackdown demo showed us that we can have graphics on a console that cannot be duplicated on the most powerful PC.

    • angh

      and this is whole sentence;) so cloud can help with some things, but the resolution, numbers of objects and elements created dynamically would be hard to fix.

      Here is nice article:

      so basically all which may be pre-baked and stored on hdd may benefit from cloud computing – but any dynamic element rather not.
      Crackdown demo shown us that destruction takes time, and might be calculated separately as 5 seconds latency from explosion to building starting to fall is not a big issue. And I wonder if it won’t be possible on PC:) (in the end PC can use cloud computing as well;), same as ps4 or wii u).
      Still, quality of graphic is basically same.

    • GHz

      “so cloud can help with some things, but the resolution, numbers of objects and elements created dynamically would be hard to fix.”

      Whoever said that, they must be eating crow right now. Can you link me to that please. I need a cite. But lets look at what’s being said. Crackdown showed off massive objects on screen being created dynamically. With the understanding of dynamic meaning changing, moving, that’s exactly what we saw in the crackdown vid. They did the same thing with NASA with their moving(dynamic) asteroid demo.

      “so basically all which may be pre-baked and stored on hdd may benefit from cloud computing – but any dynamic element rather not.”

      I’ll stick to what MSFT engineers said, and that’s any latency insensitive load can be handled by the cloud. That could be weather systems and how it affects the environment, moving objects in the distance, more realistic water FX lke ocean waves etc, and the list can grow depending how imaginative you are. All these things I mentioned behave dynamically.

      On the topic of improving res via cloud. Wouldn’t that be dependent of design? If you design a game 100% for the cloud which handles all insensitive loads, freeing the local machine of handling those calculations, what would you as a game designer use all that free local computing for? Just a question. I’m not an engineer, but if the cloud can help free up local compute, then based on your game design(creativity) wouldn’t you be able to control what res you want your game to output?

      When you witness graphic engineers, including those from Sony marvel @ the Crackdown demo, you now something special is about to happen. When a game designer openly admits that the cloud can help push graphics on the XB1 that the most powerful PC cannot do, you have to start paying attention. This is not crazy talk anymore, its not marketing BS anymore. Crackdown proved that.

    • angh

      Crackdown doesn’t use cloud computing to generate massive object on the screen. Console is enough to do that. Crackdown is using cloud computing to calculate physic of their destruction.
      Cerny DIDN’t say calculation of physic won’t work well on cloud. He actually said the opposite. He said that calculate actual graphic using cloud won’t work. And Crackdown doesn’t do that.
      And no, you can’t improve resolution using cloud. You could put all prebaked lightning, ai and physic to cloud freeing some resources which might be used to improve graphics, but you can’t render dynamic object and send to console and still call it improvement – that would be video streaming, basically what gaikai is doing.
      Render of the scene will have be done on console, or streamed altogether.

      As for now we are already 2 years into new gen and we haven’t see any real implementation of this technology. Crackdown is a single game, which is not even released and we can’t be sure we actually seen the cloud based presentation, or, again, maybe that was a titan based PC’s – I’ll wait to release. And one game is not what I would like to see.

    • GHz

      Ok I can see there is a language barrier. When you say ” numbers of objects and elements created dynamically would be hard to fix.” I take it as you’re saying that the cloud cannot help with that. Ok so that’s not what your saying?

      Cause you also said, “so basically all which may be pre-baked and stored on hdd may benefit from cloud computing – but any dynamic element rather not. <—- that last part, " but any dynamic element rather not." Dynamic elements like ocean waves, weather patterns, calculation of falling debris, all those are dynamic. Cloud aids in solving the problems of the challenges, like you said, "numbers of objects and elements created dynamically" bring about. So I cant understand why you would say it, " would be hard to fix." you understand? All proof shows that cloud solves and fixes these problems.

      But I think we are saying the same thing. With you making the point that cloud would not render a polygon car. That I get. But the world that car is driving in can be made to behave more realistically via cloud.

      "He said that calculate actual graphic using cloud won't work."

      Here's the problem with that statement. The question was, ""Can cloud computing be used for next generation consoles to make them more powerful over time."

      That was a very straightforward question. The answer is either a yes or no, but Cerny instead describes a situation that caters to the lack of understanding of masses. I refuse to believe that Cerny is stupid. So why would he answer that question that way? Put it this way, I think the questioner point of view were limited in regards to the tech in the 1st palce. Comparing it to whats already out there. So lets revisit that straightforward question today. ""Can cloud computing be used for next generation consoles to make them more powerful over time." And the simple answer is YES!!

      Cerny answer undermines the possibilities. For what reason I don't know. Either his POV was also limited, or he was catering to the limited POV of the interviewer, and taking advantage of that fact, knowing that he was undermining XB1 tech. And we all know Cerny is not stupid.

      When he said " calculate actual graphic using cloud won't work." to that question. Everyone translated it as the cloud as MSFT described it simply wont work! And that why there were so much doubt. He answered the question wrong and confused most. Think about it this way. Crackdown demo is a demonstration of how graphics was improved (falling debri, billowing fire and smoke) by aid of the cloud. W/O the cloud you would have to scaleback on local graphics (texures/res) to achieve some of the harder physics on your system locally. With cloud on you can improve graphics locally because you have the cloud acting as your CPU/memory.

      I'm not an engineer by any means. It's just my understanding of all this so far based on what developers are saying now.

    • GamerJudge

      Don’t push your luck buddy, Sony more than Microsoft is pushing the envelope on how good a game can look on this gen consoles and games like The Order, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, and Horizon are prove of that.
      Don’t get me wrong for me Scalebound, Quantum Break and Crackdown look great but not all are pushing boundaries like Sony is maybe Quantum Break is but not all of them.
      Of course looks don’t always make a great game and The Order and by the looks of things Until Dawn are prove of that.

    • spideynut71

      Sony’s best looking 1st party games are typically guided tours, more than actual games.

    • GamerJudge

      For The Order and Until Dawn true but Uncharted and Horizon not so much.

    • Psionicinversion

      Uncharted is a guided tour, just press forward and win the game

    • GamerJudge

      We haven’t seen much of it to claim that but Uncharted is more gaming than The Order was.

    • Psionicinversion

      Uncharted is going be the same as the previous ones its not going to change

    • jb227

      obviously from someone who has never touched the series. Way to dumb down gaming in general though, I guess any game can be broken down to pressing forward and hitting R1 from time to time to “win the game”

    • Foster Hampton

      Like halo? and Gears? and Forza? and every fps and racer ever created? Com on

    • GHz

      “Sony more than Microsoft is pushing the envelope on how good a game can look on this gen consoles ”

      Like how they did last year when Ryse Son of Rome won SIGGRAPH best in console graphics award? Give it a rest with Sony this Sony that. Both consoles output great looking games. Quantum Break is more than just a graphic upgrade. The FX handles in that game is like none other. Name me one game on PC or console that is doing FX like Quantum Break?

      The Order, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, and Horizon
      are all great looking games, but they are shot for shot last gen ideas with prettier textures. In other words all can be done on last gen systems at lower res.

      Then explain to me Crackdown demonstration. You’re telling me that was Sony pushing the graphic envelope there too?

    • GamerJudge

      What was shown of Crackdown 3’s graphic side wasn’t all that impressive but of course its still in development and graphics wasn’t the main attraction but the cloud and how it help with the massive destruction of an entire city.

    • GHz

      “What was shown of Crackdown 3’s graphic side wasn’t all that impressive”

      Why even mention that. The game is pre alpha. The devs said it don’t represent the graphics of the game. And we should be shocked that all that was shown is PRE ALPHA lol, because it was an exceptional showing of power even at this early stage. Either way this is the 2nd year in a row that MSFT is making the games do the talking. Give credit where credit is due.

    • GamerJudge

      “Why mention that”

      You asked about Crackdowns graphics and I answered.

    • GHz

      For one, Graphics = what the game is rendering in its entirety. From quality of textures to the amount of FX happening on screen, like buildings crashing down on a unprecedented scale. You chose to overlook what mattered to point out pre alpha stage textures? I cant compute. That’s like me giving Pixar a hard time about the way their next movie looks because I caught an early glimpse of it on dev kits. Makes no sense. We already know how great games look like on XB1 w/o cloud. We have plenty to look forward to then, I think.

    • GamerJudge

      Shame on me for acting like XbotMK1! Well almost XD
      Yes we have plenty to look forward too!

    • jb227

      Funny you mention Ryse as an accomplishment and then knock Horizon for being a “last gen idea”. You haven’t seen the QB effects in realtime yet in its new version so don’t hang your hat on them just yet. Meanwhile we’ve seen around 10 minutes of Horizon and a half hour of UC4, both being jawdropping spectacles that the rest of the gaming community that don’t hold some kind of platform allegiance seem to be enamored with. Either way good job on judging a book by its prerelease cover. That’s a good way to get served a lot of crow.

    • GHz

      What Ryse did was not only about how the characters and environment looked but the scale in which the game did it in. For example, the beach invasion scene. You cant do that on a 36o nor a ps3. The scale in which they rendered that scene is next gen & that’s just one example. At certain points in that game, XB1 is handling hundreds of NPC’s at once while throwing other FX around. Those are some of the reasons it won.
      I get it though Horizon looks hella good. But that’s all art. Other than that what is it doing that we haven’t seen @ lower res last gen. Remember the elder scroll series on 360? Remember how open the world is and how great that game looked for its time? What about Metal gear sold on the ps3 and those big boss battles? same thing, just lower res. But yeah the power of the pS4 allows for way better textures to drive those re-hatched scenes like if they’re new. But go n count the amount of dinos in one scene. Not a big jump from PS3. Where’s the scale to go with the better textures? Same with UC4. Awesome presentation, but whats up with those NPC’s with flat washed out colors and muddy faces? Ryse did a better job with more active NPC’s. What impressive is the simulated action in the game. Naughty Dog are great directors, but we did the same thing in uncharted 1 2 & 3 @ lower res.

    • Foster Hampton

      You cant render the order 1886 on a ps3 or xbox 360, you cant render until dawn on a ps3 or xbox 360, you cant render uncharted 4 on a ps3 o xbox 360. Ryse was originally announced and developed for 360, The face detailing in Ryse has been matched by Until dawn and even infamous second son.

    • GamerJudge

      Until Dawn was supposed to come out for PS3 so both Ryse and Until Dawn are in the same boat to whatever you both are discussing.

    • Foster Hampton

      Thats good to know thank you.

    • GHz

      Yea I know that. But my point is what else do we get besides the obvious graphical jump.

    • GHz

      Then you need to go back and play heavy rain on the PS3. What I’m saying is that games like The Order, Until Dawn, UC4 does what is expected of them on a newer console. Better textures, lighting, higher poly count. But what about the unexpected? Yes you can do the order, until dawn, UC4 on the PS3 – minus the visual upgrade because there is nothing else those games do that are graphically revolutionary and makes us wonder how it was ever done. We get what we’re suppose to. Same game better graphics. If the Order had crowds of people on the street and not plagued by endless amount of unplayable cut scenes, then I would’ve said WOW! YOU CANT SO THAT ON THE PS3, DID YOU SEE THE DENSE CROWD IN THE STREETS!? But that’s not the case. Might as well I was playing Heavy Rain.
      What makes Ryse a winner is what else it does besides giving us stunning character renders. That’s what I’m talking about. Also go back and watch the brilliant reveal of Uncharted 3 4yrs back. Take that game and bump up the textures some at 1080p and you pretty much got UC4 graphic quality. Not 100% but most of it. But you try to get the time warping FX of QB in some fashion on a PS3 or 360, and you will find that you cant even with a res and overall graphical drop (polys, lighting, physics etc). That’s what talking about. What can our consoles give us besides the graphical jump that we’re suppose to get anyways?

    • jb227

      I respect your opinion, you obviously know your stuff, but I think its important to keep in mind that UC4 & Horizon haven’t released yet, so its hard to compare them to a released game like Ryse. Also at the end of the day a lot of NPC’s are cool to see on screen, but isn’t the full art package the most important thing to really consider if the end goal is full player immersion? You can have all the NPCs in the world but if your art direction isn’t on point its still going to be a subpar experience. Different people play games for different reasons so maybe the technical aspect really gets you going, I can respect that. For me personally though the full package promised for an epic title like UC4 is just more enticing for me personally, and to my eyes the showings we have seen from UC4 are absolutely stunning…I didn’t notice any washed out colors, but again that’s all an art decision, not a technical trade off…from my understanding brighter colored clothes don’t necessarily take any more horsepower than washed out looking clothes, and the npc faces were all fairly far away so hard to really distinguish the level of detail. I definitely think that Nate & Sully’s character models are pretty stunning to my eyes. Ultimately to me Naughty Dog’s work is hard to distill down into a single demo, its all about the end experience when the controller is in your hand, and all of those small contextual animations and movements add up to create a true immersive experience.

    • GHz

      Agreed! And to be honest I’m more about overall presentation myself, not the technical stuff. But when its done right, it gets my attention. Games like HZ are award worthy just by the looks of it. I don’t care how they did it, I just care about the fact that they did. But its always about the whole immersive experience that make these games exceptional or not. Like I’ve said in the past, there is no reason to argue about graphics because with the PS4 and XB1 we will be getting great looking game regardless.

    • jb227

      You are absolutely right, both consoles have so many promising games coming its almost mind numbing haha. I think the most promising factor to me is that now that we have some of the early gen experiences out of the way, we are getting down to the classic experiences that will define the generation. A lot of these earlier games have looked amazing but they’ve been a bit on the short side on the whole, now we are getting into those truly new experiences with interesting new mechanics to go along w/ the longer and more varied campaigns that come w/ developers learning the tech more. Regardless of what box people choose they definitely won’t be hurting for great games come 2016! I know I’ll have to break the piggy bank and pick up an XBO sooner rather than later myself w/ stuff like QB coming up.

    • nova

      “The FX handles in that game is like none other. Name me one game on PC or console that is doing FX like Quantum Break?”

      Do you know the resolution of QB ?

      Uncharted 4 and Horizon have been officially confirmed at 1080p by both developers = first difference. Since Remedy avoid the subject, we can safely assume the game is sub-1080p as 90% of XB1 games.

      QB seems to be a very linear game. Horizon is an open world and Uncharted 4 already shown far more open environments than QB = second difference.

      About FX :

      All of that in an open world running at 1080p…

      Why do you have inferior multiplatform games on XB1 ? Because it’s the weakest console. So, can you explain how a weaker hardware can produce technically more advanced exclusive titles ?

      Dat nonsense…

    • Rhodri

      You seem to forget about DirectX 12 QB is probably using it since it comes out in November. I am 90% this game will be 1080p.

      “People DO understand that Microsoft has some of the smartest graphics programmers IN THE WORLD. We CREATED DirectX, the standard API’s that everyone programs against. So while people laude Sony for their HW skills, do you really think we don’t know how to build a system optimized for maximizing graphics for programmers? Seriously? There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony. And ANYONE who has seen both systems running could say there are great looking games on both systems. If there was really huge performance difference – it would be obvious.”
      “I get a ton of hate for saying this – but it’s been the same EVERY generation. Sony claims more power, they did it with Cell, they did it with Emotion Engine, and they are doing it again. And, in the end, games on our system looked the same or better.”

      I’m not saying they haven’t built a good system – I’m merely saying that anyone who wants to die on their sword over this 30%+ power advantage are going to be fighting an uphill battle over the next 10 years…

    • nova

      Software can’t change hardware. XB1 will have inferior multiplatform games until the end of the gen.

      DX12 won’t change anything. XB1 already has a low level API.

      1080p has 44% more pixels than 900p which is a big technical difference.

    • Rhodri

      SMH you just don’t get it do you. I doubt that second statement.

    • kstuffs

      The right hardware designed with the right software can totally change the performance. Why do you think AMD GCN is so much better with DX12 than the current NVIDIA? AMD graphics is designed DX12. How is it possible that Apple got so much more performance when moving from OpenGL ES to Metal API?

    • nova

      You can’t compare PC to consoles… learn your lessons…

      By definition, a console works with a low level API…

    • kstuffs

      DX12 is about bringing low-level and multicore CPU/GPU to PC.
      DX12 is about bringing multicore CPU/GPU to console.
      Please learn your lessons.

    • angh

      both xbox one and ps4 already works close to metal. AMD created Mantle, on which dx12 is basing, and already both ps4 and xbox one developers are using low level functions based on it. Phil Spencer said the xbox one won’t get more than 5% after change to full dx12.
      The only thing dx12 will help is to port pc games written in dx12 to xbox one.

    • kstuffs

      Mantle is about low-level AND multi-core support so people always forget that multi-core component and think it’s just low-level.

      DX12 is about bringing low-level and multicore CPU/GPU to PC.
      DX12 is about bringing multicore CPU/GPU to console.

      Phil learned from the former XB1 lead to not overpromise. Look at what happened when they talked about Cloud Compute. Everyone laughed at them saying it’s impossible due to bandwidth and latency issues. He showed what can be done and now everyone can do it too.

    • angh

      xbox one already is using multicore, customized version of dx.
      And no, nobody laughed saying cloud computing is impossible. Only rendering graphic in cloud is impossible. Calculating effects? physics? pre-baked AI/logs? no problem at all. And that what Cerny said.

    • kstuffs

      DX11.X is still not DX12. People say MS copied Mantle, which is an API AMD started in 2013 and that DX12 is basically Mantle. Guess what Mantle is about? It’s about low-level and multicore support. DX11.X is DX11 with custom stuffs for XB1 but at its core is still DX11 and still serial. If we say DX11.X in the XB1 has multicore support, then there’s no way that MS copied Mantle on a product that was released in 2013.

      “They also released a new tool, it’s this optimization tool that will actually algorithmically try to come up with an optimization for the developer. So instead of the developer trying to hand set-up what uses eSRAM, they have their own app to try and do as much of it for them as they can. Third, DirectX11 still serializes stuff from the developer to the GPU. It is low-level but the fact is as low-level as it, it’s still serializing a lot of GPU calls. So it won’t be anywhere near…you won’t get the benefit on Xbox One that you’re getting on the PC.”

      Regardless, there will be substantial benefits after all including resolving the resolution issues that the Xbox One still faces till date.

      Posting on Twitter, Wardell wrote: “One way to look at the XBox One with DirectX 11 is it has 8 cores but only 1 of them does dx work. With dx12, all 8 do.”

      In general – I don’t really get why they choose DX11 as a starting point for the console. It’s a console! Why care about some legacy stuff at all? On PS4, most GPU commands are just a few DWORDs written into the command buffer, let’s say just a few CPU clock cycles. On Xbox One it easily could be one million times slower because of all the bookkeeping the API does.

    • angh

      oh, you’ve been talking about cpu multicore, not usage of shaders in gpu which have been gimped in dx11. Yes, this will improve, and that’s why Spencer said there will be 5% improvement. For me I’m more interested in actually enabling processess in AMD cards – there is a reason why those cards were used for bitcoin mining, this potential wasn’t enabled in previous DX, and with mantle/vulcan/dx12 it should help a bit – again, mostly in PC.
      back to actuall thing: you said, dx12 will change performance a lot. Take look at ps4: they have much faster GPU, code is written to the metal, they used Mantle experience from very beginning, so they are using cpu multicore as well. So I’d say, if both company’s api will be based on Mantle, as it is now, then all the difference will hit a simple wall – hardware. And as GPU in ps4 is around 40-50% faster than gpu used in xbox one, this difference will still be there.

    • Cinnamon267

      “People DO understand that Microsoft has some of the smartest graphics programmers IN THE WORLD. We CREATED DirectX, the standard API’s that everyone programs against”
      I don’t understand this. D3D is used because it is the slightly better one of two API’s for devs to use. Now, they are giving devs more control with 12 because devs are sick of D3D 11’s overhead and overall terribleness.

    • GHz

      What does res have t do with quality of graphics? You can have a superior looking game running @ less than 1080p. The Order is the best looking game on PS4 and that’s 800p. Quality of pixels trumps quantity of pixels all day every day. What happens when they start employing heavier use of ray tracing to fully realize the look of a game? But that’s whole different convo.
      At the SIGGRAPH presentation they confirmed that as of now QB is 1080p. And personally I don’t even care. That game could be running 720p and it will still look gorgeous. That’s how great of a design that game is. Same with Horizon Zero. That art style is 2nd to none.

      If you want to measure the power of the XB1 you point to the best games they present not games that developers admit to have had trouble with developing because of less than stellar API. Weaker systems don’t go around winning prestigious best graphics on a console awards.
      And those light FX in that Infamous Vid you shared, Dude Sunset overdrive went crazy with the lighting too with near 100 enemies on screen. Yea its 900p but you’d never known if you weren’t told. Infamous 1080p but empty streets. So both systems early on did the trade off thing to better support what the devs wanted to show off on the system.

    • nova

      “Yea its 900p but you’d never known if you weren’t told. Infamous 1080p but empty streets. So both systems early on did the trade off thing to better support what the devs wanted to show off on the system.”

      Then, why is Ryse, Killer Instinct, Halo 5 and so many other exclusives sub-1080p on XB1 ?

      The Order runs at 1920×800 which is a superior resolution to 1600×900. Do the maths…
      1920×800 with black bars has the same pixel density than full 1080p. So, The Order looks like a true 1080p game.

      Remedy never confirmed QB is 1080p. There is no official confirmation from Remedy. Their SIGGRAPH presentation just means upscaled 1080p, nothing more.

      I never said resolution alone makes graphics. However, if you want to make a TECHNICAL comparison, then you have to consider resolution and fps. 1080p is far more demanding than 900p. It’s a simple fact.

      Actually, there is far more live in Infamous than in SO :

      You don’t have any NPCs on SO, just enemies…

      Just admit the facts : your console is weaker.

    • GHz

      Then, why is Ryse, Killer Instinct, Halo 5 and so many other exclusives sub-1080p on XB1″

      The API DX11 is not the XB1’s true API. As the API improved so did the graphical capabilities of the XB1. DX11 locked important features that aided a GPU in rendering graphics more affectively. Features that were available to the PS4 from day one. Besides that, it would be the same reasons why some games on the PS4 are sub 1080p. We should be asking why that was the case if the pS4 already had these features unlocked with it’s super uber powerful GPU.

      You’re not going to convince me like these other r3t@rds that black bars eats up massive rendering allowance. For the simple fact that The Order is the BEST looking game while it being a mere 800p, ends all stupid arguments about 1080p must mean that the PS4 is more powerful. Yeah 1080p is heavy on the code but so are better physics and lighting or frames per second. it’s up to the developer how they want to present their games. And since the developers of the Order admitted recently that they can run The order on the XB1 today means that these consoles are not that different in power. More experienced developers have been expressing this for a long time now. If you want to continue to exaggerate the power of the PS4 by all means keep living in that world.

      QB is a good looking game, but it is evident that the game is technically less demanding than PS4″

      And there it is. Your fan-boy ego they he needs to push his agenda/his new found religion. This must be the case because you know exactly how that code works. You got a dev kit @ home and you code for both systems. Not only that you are part od the remedy team coding for QB and this is your factual expert analysis. This must be the case because that will be the only way you can come up with that statement.

      There is no official confirmation from Remedy. Their SIGGRAPH presentation just means upscaled 1080p, nothing more.”

      So Remedy used the term “upscaled” in their presentation?
      You must sit on the SIGGRAPH technical board too & help define their language when they are reviewing a presentations. But even IF they meant upscaled, does it EEEEVEN matter!? The game looks stunning! That is all that matters dude.

      Well I’ll stick to what we all know now. These systems are pretty much similar in power. And while the GPU in the PS4 is slightly more powerful, the slightly more CPU speed, ESRAM + DDR3 helps the XB1 to keep up despite it running on DX11 still. These consoles are the sum of all their parts and there is no clear cut winner in power as the APIs mature for the better.

    • nova

      “It would be the same reasons why some games on the PS4 are sub 1080p.”

      That’s all what you have ? Come on… how many games are sub-1080p on PS4 ? How many games are sub-1080p on XB1… please…

      XB1 already got thousands of new SDK and the last multiplatform games are still sub-1080p : F1 2015, MG5, PCars, PES 2016, Batman, Mortal Kombat, TW3, etc.

      Just stop your excuses, it’s embarrassing…

      “Yeah 1080p is heavy on the code but so are better physics and lighting or frames per second. it’s up to the developer how they want to present their games.”

      This doesn’t explain why 90% of XB1 games are 900p and why 95% of PS4 games are 1080p… i’m sorry…

      “And since the developers of the Order admitted recently that they can run The order on the XB1 today means that these consoles are not that different in power.”

      Source ? At what resolution ? With how many compromises ? Any PS4 games can run on XB1… it’s obvious… but they won’t run at the same quality… your “arguments” are really bad…

      “This must be the case because that will be the only way you can come up with that statement.”

      Do you need to work with Nintendo to know Mario Kart 8 is a less demanding game than QB ? Or do you understand yourself the WiiU has a weaker hardware and then can’t compete with the XB1 ?

      “So Remedy used the term “upscaled” in their presentation?”

      Where did they say 1920×1080 in their presentation ? However, they said : “Our final image is 1080p but screen-space lighting is evaluated at 1280×720.”

      Also, Where is their official confirmation ?

      “Well I’ll stick to what we all know now.”

      Only you since :

      1) Specs of each console show PS4 is the strongest console

      2) Multiplatform games show PS4 is the strongest console

      3) Specialized websites such as Digital Foundry already said PS4 is the strongest console

      4) Developers already said PS4 is the strongest console

      But you can continue your lost fight if you want… it doesn’t matter to anyone…

    • GHz

      When I say for the same reasons, it don’t matter if its one game on the PS4. For the fact that one game exists proves that PS4 can face the same challenges as the XB1. Remember at least the PS4 have a slightly more powerful GPU/memory combo. Add that its API give it access to features locked out from the XB1 in the beginning gave a good lead in the graphics department. XB1 tech doesn’t revolve around your impatience. It is what it is. And I’m with the developers when it comes to what they finally decide on how graphically engaging they want to present their games. This is for the devs whove said they could’ve went 1080p for the games built for XB1, but instead opted for graphical features that would up the look of the game, or because they wanted to add more enemies and FX onscreen . For those who had trouble in the past because of the API, in the 3rd party space, from running out of time to not being able to utilize updates, they’ve said XB1 will catch up res wise when devs start utilizing newer features in API. That’s what they said. Games aren’t built overnight so we’re still going get some more games that run less than 1080p. The devs said its all depends on the code or what vers of Direct X they are using. If the PS4 takes better advantage of those situations awesome! But no matter how you go about huffing and puffing, last year Ryse took the title for best looking game, beating out all those other 1080p games on the market technically and graphically. So now how do we measure power then? How important is 1080p based on how it’s utilized now? You trying to telling me a console needs to choke on 1080p with a broke framerate to prove its powerful?
      And why do you insist on adding to what devs say they can do? The creators of The Order never said those things. You imagine it because you find comfort in it. You just WISH that they had added all that nonsense you spewed. But they didn’t. They kept it simple. They said the Order can be done on the XB1 NOW! What changed? Devs know. You don’t! Stop adding your version of the story. All you have o do is quote the devs! Stick to that & their is nooooo disagreement on this matter.

    • nova

      Ryse never won any technical award…

      How could it win such an award with its horrible framerate and its 900p resolution ? All of that in a very linear game…

      Ryse would run at 1080p with a stable framerate on PS4.

      There is a difference between graphics and technical achievements… even if good looking games tend to have a good technology.

      I won’t waste my time with the rest of your message since i have already proved my point.


    • GHz

      I’m 100% with you on framerate. Not being able to sustain a solid 30 in my opinion is horrendous! What I’m NOT with you on is pretending I know better than the community of people who invented and built these graphic techniques that propels gaming imagery forward. Your ego that big? Fine. These pple knew exactly what they were talking about when they chose Ryse. Everything about graphics is technical because graphics deals with applying TECHNIQUES to achieve a desired result. Don’t get philosophical and try to change the meaning of things just to push your personal agenda. Not cool.

      “Ryse would run at 1080p with a stable framerate on PS4.”

      SO!? 0_o….I would certainly hope so, but Ryse is not on the PS4 for us to know for sure right? But I imagine it could. Closest comparison would be The Order, the best looking game on the PS4. And what can they manage on that? 800p 30fps MOST of the time, and that’s w/o massive high polygon count NPC’s numbering in near the hundreds on screen @ the time while handling other forms of heavy FX.

      At this point you’re just hating! Don’t be weak. What can be accomplished on XB1 even @ an early time when the API was @ its worst doesn’t take away the merits of what the PS4 is capable of as of recent, with The Order. The games will always do the talking. They always reveal the truth of how to better define power when actual code is added to the mix. Dude let it go. Both systems are great and will supply us with awesome games moving forward. PS4 don’t need to be the ONLY console where you’d find great looking and playable games. I’m done. You can keep preaching your religion. Next year summer, I’m playing Crackdown!

    • nova

      “Closest comparison would be The Order, the best looking game on the PS4. And what can they manage on that? 800p 30fps MOST of the time, and that’s w/o massive high polygon count NPC’s numbering near the hundreds, on screen @ the time while handling other forms of heavy FX.”

      The Order uses a completely different engine than Ryse. Moreover, it uses 4xMSAA which is pretty expensive unlike the cheap AA solution used by Ryse. Cinematics also are in real time in The Order.

      The game has a much better framerate too :

      1920×800 is superior to 1600×900 in terms of pixels… how many do we have to say that ?

      And according to the developers, the game could easily run at 1080p without 4xMSAA :×800-and-1920×1080-lack-of-multiplayer-expained/

      So, you clearly chose a bad example. To summary, The Order’s engine is far more demanding than that of Ryse.

      “At this point you’re just hating! Don’t be weak. What can be accomplished on XB1 even @ an early time when the API was @ its worst doesn’t take away the merits of what the PS4 is capable of as of recent, with The Order.”

      Blah blah blah…

      You can’t compare RAD which never made a console game before The Order to Crytek which are among the most skilled developers for technical achievements.

      Yet, RAD still managed to make a more impressive game simply because they worked on a more powerful console.

      “The games will always do the talking.”

      Indeed. It’s why by now you should understand which console is the less powerful after so many inferior multiplatform games on XB1.

      Multiplatform games are the best way to compare these consoles since it’s the same engine running on 2 different platforms.

      Multiplatform games were a less reliable measurement last gen because PS3 had a completely different architecture than 360.

      This gen, both consoles virtually have the same architecture.

      End of the discussion.

    • angh

      Order is not ‘800p’ – there is no standard called ‘800p’. And order have higher number of pixels than 900p.

    • GHz

      Don’t go there. It’s 800p & there is nothing bad about that. Done. keep it moving.

    • angh

      there is no thing like ‘800p’. ‘p’ stands for progressive and is used to describe screen with 16×9 ratio. As well you have industry standards for different sizes.
      Order is not in 16×9, it is not ‘800p’, it is 21×9 with resolution 1920×800. Which is quite a bit more than 900p.

    • GHz

      In the whole res debate in and outside of gaming there are many other jargon used to describe many formats. Sometimes inaccurate terms are used with the understanding that you would relate it to the more established definable terms. So for a lack of better term, its 800p as far as the image we play.

    • angh

      no, as it wrongly hints that ‘800p’ in Order is less than 900p in many other games which is not true.

    • GHz

      Oh I don’t know about that and don’t care. All I know is that the order looks good! 😉

    • Foster Hampton

      SO wait. A covered based time game is a next gen idea? ARe you serious? Quantum break is as much of a last gen idea as horizon.

    • Agent_Blade

      Whoa back up dude. Quantum break and Scalebound looks good (Scalebound mostly) but lets not get carried away….

    • jb227

      I’m not so sure about that. They definitely look great but if you look at direct competitors genre and art wise to those games, UC4 has a much larger scope w/ drastically longer draw distances and multiple paths to sit alongside those amazing lighting and particle effects & Horizon Zero Dawn had zero framerate issues along w/ a much more detailed and realistic believable world. These games are still a way out from release so there’s every possibility that QB & Scalebound release in a better state than UC4 & Horizon, but based solely off of what we’ve seen, Sony’s offerings not only look better, but we’ve actually seen more of them in action and they are performing better as well.

    • Deeboy

      Tomb raider looked better than Horizon zero. The game looks good but it is not a better looking game than Ryse which was a launch title. The three games mentioned above a leagues ahead of traditionally developed games like UC4 and Horizon Zero. I’m sorry but that’s just a fact.

    • GHz

      Dude that’s tough. I think think both TR and HZ looked absolutely stunning. Horizon Zero art assets is in a league of its own making it stands out from many of the games out there. @ least that’s my opinion on that. Kudos to the artist that came up with that style and color palette. ROTTR looks better than UC4 though. UC4 has a great graphic engine but looks washed out sometimes.

    • Deeboy

      My bad. Just stating the obvious. I like the art style of the character though. Reminds me of Ygitte from Game of Thrones.

    • GHz

      Naw dude. You’re entitled to your opinion. TR does look great. I was just expressing mine. 😉

    • jb227

      Ok, keep trying to tell yourself that your opinions are facts. Sounds like your goggles may keep you from recognizing good work as long as your favorite logo isn’t on the box. RotTR & Ryse both look absolutely great, but “leagues ahead” is just crazy talk. Also, I don’t understand what is more “traditionally developed” about 1 game that is a full open world w/ totally unique combat mechanics (pulling pieces off of the t rex to create weapons on the fly, tying the dino down w/ a gun shooting ropes) and another game that is widely linear and iterating on the last game by adding drivable vehicles, from a dev that has proven its quality w/ no less than 3 games that were considered classics of last gen vs. 1 game that is fully linear and a fairly short standard hack n slash affair and one game that has actually copied a lot of elements from games from the same dev you are knocking.

      Maybe wait until release to unequviocally say that game x looks better, and even then, maybe consider that your opinions aren’t necessarily gaming gospel.

    • Deeboy

      LOL. Try to comprehend what I was saying before you reply to my comment. I said all three games this article is about. Is ROTTR one of those games. No. Is Ryse one of those games. No. I said each game is leagues beyond because crackdown is doing something that had not been done before with cloud computing. Right? Quantum break is doing some amazing new techniques with the way its graphics are rendered. Right? Scalebound I’ve never seen a dragon with that much high detail including individual skeletal points and shaders for each scale. So what I’ve said is absolutely true. Just because you wanted to get Your Opinion across you fail to see the truth. Carry on

    • jb227

      My bad, you first mentioned RotTR & Ryse as being better looking games than Horizon which seems pretty subjective to me, but either way Horizon is absolutely bigger in every sense of the word on a technical level, and you yourself were speaking on tech achievements in regards to QB, Scalebound & CD3 but didn’t take those considerations into effect when comparing Horizon to RotTR & Ryse.

      Crackdown I will say looks pretty great but cloud computing has been done before, just not necessarily on that level. Regardless the game needs to be stress tested in the wild before we praise the technical achievements. The demo at Gamescom was ran w/ 11 dedicated servers most likely on the best connection available so results may vary. The true test comes when Reagent can make that experience smooth on the 2-4 mbps connection they are requiring. As far as QB, there are some great particle effects on show but a lot of those rendering techniques they mentioned have been used on other games across both platforms. Also people should take in mind the limited draw distances considering all of what was shown off had a thick heavy fog that made anything not in the immediate vicinity virtually nonexistent. So not technically “right”..As far as Scalebound’s skeletal points, its already been confirmed that there are over 400 bones in Nate’s face alone in UC4 so again, not like Scalebound is some miraculous achievement and UC4 & Horizon are kid stuff like you are trying to insinuate. So also not technically “right”. None of what you said is “truth” because you are flat out saying that these things have never been done on this scale and aside from CD3, they are happening in the very same games you claim are underwhelming. Just because you have selective reading or memory doesn’t make your opinions facts. Feel free to praise the tech on offer but don’t try to flat out say that they are groundbreaking things that have never been done before, aside from CD3. You are just trying to fit that argument around whatever agenda you may have.

    • Deeboy

      They are better looking bro I’m sorry but that’s just a fact. Well let me put it this way as far as more realistic design. I said in a comment above I like the character art style but I felt tomb raider and Ryse looked better which they do. I’m talking overall. I suggest you read up on QB because a lot of what is being done has not been done before for that game. The draw distances are fine for it. Look at the videos that show the city in the distance the one at Gamescom showed the new lighting they were using. You may love what you saw in horizon zero but I thought it was alright only because the character mimics Ygritte from game of thrones. That’s not original if you ask me. So yeah I knocked some points off for unoriginal character creation. I’m still interested to see what kind of story it will be but the graphics are expected and so far the story is not that intriguing. Yet.

    • jb227

      I can absolutely respect your opinion but I’ll always be hung up on you calling them facts. Realism is fine for sure, but art isn’t all about realism to me. I mean if you want to take it further, time travel doesn’t exist so that’s unrealistic as well I suppose. I know that QB is doing some amazing things (the lighting is absolutely great, still not seeing many instances of decent draw distances in the handful of gameplay bits released in the last trailer) and I’ve read a bit of it, totally pumped for the game, but that goes both ways, if you’ll read up on some of the things ND is doing for UC4 or some of the things that Guerrilla is doing for Horizon you’ll see that MS isn’t the only company making technological advancements. I’m personally all about environmental variety w/in games and seeing something like Horizon being one open world that possesses so many different environments is just more appealing for my personal tastes than seeing similar sections recreated throughout an entire campaign. The world and the ideas behind Horizon is wholly original as well so that should be taken into account, haven’t seen those kinds of robotic creatures presented in that manner before really, and the story seems to suggest that they somehow became self aware and constructed themselves after animals from Earth’s history. As far as mimicry, you could say the same thing for something like QB or Ryse, only that they are mimicking real Roman history & architecture and that QB is mimicking the world outside your window. Its a lot easier to be faithful to things that already existed than it is to create brand new concepts and worlds that are purely fantastical. Either way I think its best to hold off on hyperbole for any of these games until they’ve been released in the wild, they could be absolutely better than you or I have imagined, or they could be complete garbage. In this day & age a few trailers or small sections of gameplay don’t necessarily represent the final projects.

    • Deeboy

      Trust me I’ve got mad respect for naughty dog. Xbox fan or not you have to give props where there do. What I said was not to be mean just meaningful. QB just beat out horizon zero for best graphics for an award from gamescom. So my comment does have merit. The time travel aspect of QB has been done in mostly movies but not to the extent where you can play the game and it effects the tv show that comes with it. I know other games had TV shows that tied in like defiance but not to the extent where the game you play directly affects the show. They created bullet time for gaming with Max Payne. They are taking that to a new level with QB. What other game do you know can freeze frame gameplay that you can interact with without stopping the frame rate. Its amazing!!! Not to mention they are one of the very best storytelling studios ever. We can talk about this all day long and you’re right we’ll know more when the games release. I’m the kind of guy that knows a good movie or game from trailers alone. Must be because I worked at blockbuster video for over 10 years a while back. I’m never wrong on these things and I’ll tell you in a heartbeat if a game or a movie is overrated or underrated.

    • jb227

      I wish I had your kind of detector haha. I typically base a games potential quality on its developer history, but sometimes that’s steered me wrong. I have no doubt that Uc4 will be great and I think Horizon looks like a lot of fun, but I’m not discounting the potential for it to be underwhelming. Ultimately I’m not big on the open world rpg titles, I’m more of a narrative driven gamer so i personally think QB looks to be more up my alley, but something about Horizon’s reveal so far actually has me interested in a genre i don’t typically go for, so I give them credit for that. I definitely agree that QB looks absolutely stunning, and Remedy have put out quality stories married with innovative and fluid controls with every release. The only concern I really have for it is the length, I always want proper epic campaigns for games like QB because they are so rare, gamers need to get the most out of them when they can because experiences like that won’t come around often. I never got the chance to play Alan Wake but that was the one game for the 360 that I wanted to play more than any other. Really hoping that becomes available through BC, I’ll be picking up an XBO at some point for those titles most definitely. Regardless of anyone’s preference 2015 has been littered w/ great titles here & there but it seems like 2016 is the year that developers finally start recognizing the hardwares potential and start putting out those generation defining titles we’ve been craving.

    • GHz

      ROTTR looks better than UC4. UC just had a better game presentation. It was like watching action movie. Not saying that UC4 looks bad but those textures looked washed out compared to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    • jb227

      Gotta disagree on that one for my tastes, the textures are much more detailed on UC4 and they come to life w/ better physics & animations as well. I suppose we will have to wait for the games to release to truly judge either of them, but RotTR is the game to me that looks closer to a half step above the prior game vs. UC4 representing the next gen w/ its full package quite a bit better. I think the washed out look you are referring to is an art design decision that is only apparent in sun-drenched locations and a big of a ND touchstone, not a technical constraint, and art is pretty subjective. I can respect that you personally dig RotTR’s art style better but for me its all about UC4 in the Action/Adventure department. It just represents a better promise to me, the last TR took place on a single island whose environments never varied much, and the new game is said to only have two locations, Syria (which does look pretty great for sure) and Siberia (which to me looks a lot like the last game’s island w/ snow dumped on top). The Uncharted series meanwhile has more environmental variety in a couple hours than the whole of the rebooted TR will have seen by the end of Rise going by what the devs have confirmed. I’m sure Rise will still be amazing and I’m pumped to get my hands on that one for sure, but Uncharted always has the most memorable gaming experiences for me personally.

    • Dave C

      “And now Crackdown 3 is doing Cloud computing calculations that aren’t possible on the PS4”
      And those calculations aren’t possible on the Xbone either, which is why the system needs allot of help by external computers over the internet. If the PS4 was connected to servers doing the calculations it could do the same game. What happens to the game when the servers are down and when they eventually pull support?

    • kstuffs

      The problem is Sony can’t do it locally either and they have no plan to use Cloud Compute nor fo they have the infrastructure to do so economically. Second, Cloud Compute is starting on multiplayer games which has the same problems as any MP games. Third, even SP games can implement these ideas with fallback solutions.

    • angh

      Sony starts with ps now, isn’t that enough structure? Exactly same thing, already optimised for gaming.
      But as for cloud computing it is going I’m saying not to backdoor DRM MS was trying to impose 2 years ago.

    • Robert

      ps now is a streaming service lol. Microsoft Azure is more advanced

    • angh

      Server is server, cloud is just a bunch of servers. As for now Azure was used only as a log database for Forza title. Any SQL server can do that. Don’t get swayed but catchy words like ‘power of the cloud’ or ‘internet of things’ in the end it is the same – a server, connected to the Internet.

    • kstuffs

      You’re kidding me right? I have a storage server at home that I can connect to it any time while I am in a different country. Geez, how do I get my server to run games? Server is server, right?

    • angh

      very simply. Just install a game server. Add required API, expose ports, and you are there. Was that a tricky question?

    • kstuffs

      If it’s so simple, then why nobody doing it besides MS?

    • angh

      Are you joking? Amazon, SAP, ORACLE, Intel, IBM, Apple, to name just a few?

    • angh

      of course. But in this case we are talking about specialized usage.

    • kstuffs

      PS Now is Gaikai renamed. Gaikai streams an entire game and gets input feedback. MS solution is not streaming an entire game but just AI, physics, and lighting calculations. The two ideas are opposite and requires different technologies and APIs. Just because they can stream a game doesn’t mean they can do Cloud Compute and vice versa.

    • angh

      lol. seriously, lol.
      You do understand that for the game streamed back to user, the Gaikai servers have to calculate physic, AI, lighting etc.? Gaikai doing that and on top of it generates actual picture as well, compressing it, and collect user input.

      So, in short, does EXACTLY same thing what Azure serves do – calculates game physic/lighting/ai/whatever and respond for user action, and do additional image related calculation on top of this.
      Get those servers, strip them down to change logic to send back only physic/AI data without megs of video stream, allow the pictures be generated on front end (console) and you have exactly same thing!
      Will be much easier if all the image processing/compressing thing wont need to be done on gaikai/ps now servers!

    • kstuffs

      Gaikai was designed to render an entire game locally on the server and then send the graphics/audio streams to the users via H264 compression and responds back via inputs from the users.

      MS Cloud Compute has an entire SDK and API that permit them to calculate only the stuffs that need to be calculated on the cloud and anything that can be calculated locally is done locally. The two looks similar but their infrastructure and implementations are different. And MS is doing this at no additional costs to the users (other than paying for Gold membership) whereas Gaikai is an additional fee. Sony doesn’t have the infrastructure to offer this same service economically, which is what I wrote in my first post.

      You don’t build Rome in a day and it’s the same with Cloud Compute. MS designed the XB1 from the beginning with the Cloud in mind. Have you ever wondered why PS4 users only get 1 GB of on-line save storage? Yeah thought so.

    • angh

      I’m working on clouds daily. It’s only a software, you can put any software on it, it can be even unreal engine. You can virtualise anything, that’s how Azure works.
      And Gaikai servers ARE infrastructure. If it is fast enough to render and stream a game, in virtual systems one per player, is fast enough to do any other kind of calculation. As well the price point may be changed, or they even could talk to Amazon and get their cloud solution to easily extend their offer. This is only a stripped down, dedicated application which does one type of calculation in virtual instances and returns results to the users.

      And you don’t build cloud compute. You can have a single, small server woth a number of virtual machines; you can do that on your home PC and have like 20 OS in virtual instances (i have a few myself). And that’s it. The whole ‘cloud’ thingy is only about easy, dynamic virtualization, ways of access, multiplicate and scale the applications. And in the end it’s only a server farms, synchronized and connected, with an interface to make access a bit easier (it’s not a single IP as in your home server…)
      And why ps4 have 1GB? it’s simple – ps now is not live yet, and they don’t wan’t to invest in transitional services.

    • gracerbonilla

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  • Deeboy

    This should undoubtedly lay all the arguments to rest concerning the power of the Xbox One console. Exclusives are not limited to imagination, parity and now hardware. Way to go Microsoft! I never had any doubts.

  • jacksjus

    What a dumb question for the title of this article.

  • Tga215

    Well here comes the fanboys

  • ?????

    I’m just waiting for XboxMK1 to start getting salty in here.

  • GamerJudge

    I just came here to say that whoever is upvoting me with multiple fake ghost accounts please do yourself a favor and shove those upvotes up your @ss. Thank you.

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