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NASCAR 14 Dev Lays Off 12 Employees

Part of "restructuring at the company."

Microsoft Details Indie Self Publishing On Xbox One

"Everyone is a content creator."

More QuakeCon Goodies: Second John Carmack Talk, More Exhibitors and Sponsors

Carmack will also talk about light and rendering.

Ready at Dawn Lead Developer Says Gamestop “Exploits Developers”

"Something needs to be done."

Windows Chief is New Xbox Boss

Every other Xbox console will be bad going forward.

QuakeCon 2013 details announced

The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and The Evil Within will all be presented at this year's...

Sony Announces Playstation First Program; PS4 Dev Kits Will be Made Available To Universities

Sony now mining developers of tomorrow, in addition to indies and third party publishers.

Sega Seeking $941,000 From THQ Over Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Orders

Another creditor for troubled publisher.

Bungie Co-founder Says Overpowered Halo Pistol His Fault

Halo game designer goes into the making of the game.

Zynga’s Mattrick Looked at Buying Company While At Microsoft

Mattrick has wanted Zynga for a while now.

Here’s a list of rejected names for Microsoft’s original Xbox

Would you have liked to play on the 11-X 360?

Gamestop Handing Out Flyers to Inform Consumers of Xbox One Restrictions

Gamestop makes its customer aware.

CD Projekt Red Reacts to Lack of Xbox One in Poland

CD Projekt Red expresses disappointment.

The Evil Within E3 2013 Gameplay Footage

New footage of Mikami's horror game shown off.

Xbox One Releasing in India, Singapore, Other Asian Markets 2014; No Mention of Japan

Xbox One launching in Asian markets in 2014.

Xbox One Requires Kinect To Run

'Kinect is now an essential and integrated part of the platform.'

Gamestop: Microsoft Sees The Value In Used Games

Gamestop's President Tony Bartel says there is still value in used games.

Xbox One Will Allow 1000 People Per Friends List

Friend limit increased.

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