Umbra Dev on PS4’s 8 GB GDDR5 RAM: “Devs Can’t Take Full Advantage of it Right Now”

But when it comes to world creation, both consoles are quite close to each other.

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PlayStation 4_official
There’s been a lot of talk over the past few days about the PlayStation 4’s RAM, with rumours from The Digital Foundry stating that developers will only have access for up 5.5 GB of the 8 GB DDR5 RAM. Development studios like Young Horses Inc. have said it’s nothing to worry about (without confirming the truth of the rumours) while Vblank calls the rumour false.

Nonetheless, when it comes to how much RAM is being used by each console for game development, which console is more beneficial when it comes to rapidly creating open worlds? We asked Thomas Puha, director of developer relations at Umbra which offers world creation solutions for games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Destiny and other titles the same question.

We also asked, assuming that the Xbox One offers 5 GB DDR3 RAM for development and the PlayStation 4 using 7 GB DDR5 RAM, if there was a marked difference between what both consoles could achieve in creating worlds.

Puha stated that, “I cannot comment on how much memory the consoles use for their Operating Systems etc and how much is available for us developers, though the numbers are out there so…”

“Really, the more memory we have, the better. It’s as simple as that. Right now, as most developers are porting their current systems and engines to next-generation platforms, the engine pipelines cannot even take advantage of the PS4’s 8 gigs of super-fast RAM as we simply cannot push data fast enough into memory right now.

“So really at this point, everybody’s just really taking advantage of the memory to make life easier on making the first next-gen games, and then a few years down the the line you will see really memory, CPU optimized games just as in this generation. Right now on PS3 and Xbox 360 Umbra 3 data for a level can be between a 1-3 megabytes and on current gen every byte of memory counts.

“On next-gen, devs tell us right now it doesn’t matter if we take 30 or 80 megabytes, there’s plenty of RAM to spare. I’m pretty sure in a few years, memory will again be at a premium!

“At the end of the day, both systems are quite close to each other. I really think this generation will be about services and there I see a big challenge for Sony to step up and compete with Microsoft.”

An interesting view, but it’s pretty much in line with the common perception. First generation games for any console always lag behind in visual quality from games released several years into the console’s life-cycle. So will it be for the PS4 and Xbox One. However, when it comes to services, does Sony really need to step up and compete with Microsoft? Let us know what you think below.

Stay tuned for our complete interview for Umbra in the coming days.

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  • keysy

    no im happy with just playing games , netflix and music everything else is for the causal gamer and im not that or spend money on crap

    • lt.dan

      What? So hardcore gamers can only enjoy games. If you like movies and music, you only like games a little!

  • Dakan45

    Some facts.

    Os, record, browser features, they dont run on magic, they need ram in order to be acessable at any time from the background just like pcs, x86 architecture.

    Ram is used mostly to make big enviroments and put more entities, eg npcs, usable objects scripts. The reason why games like biosock infinite exist is because consoles now have very little ram to work with, so they got to use a streaming techinique, which allows removing areas of the map when a door closes and you usually cant go back for that very reason.

    Thats why games are so linear and scripted these days. Dead space uses this technique but the doors themselfs are loadings. You have to wait for those areas to load.

    The 8gb is there basicly or future rather for now.

    You wont see any console to be taken advantage off for 1-2 years.

    The diffirence between ps4 and xbox one is not that high, games are designed to work on the lowest common denominator. If you can play this on ps4, you should be playing it on xbox one, they gonna focus on multiplatform development. Expect exlusive games to take advantage of ps4. Multiplats, not so much.

    No matter how you shape it, DDR3 is bettr for cpu calculations and GDDR5 is better for gpu calculations. Both old pc tech.

    So whatever you do on ps4 focus on the videocard and the cpu is pretty weak, it cant utilize 8gb of ram. Which means the focus is on the videocard.

    Now how does that work on xbox? Obviously due to DDR3 xbox one will perfom better on multiple cpu thread tasking but due to the fact games will be made for both consoles, it is rare that you will see games looking much better on ps4 since they will design the games for xbox’s ram speed due to the fact the game has to look similary on both consoles, so one party doesnt feel left out.

    Its interesting how no one is willing to talk about how much ram is available, considering amd designed both systems, i bet the DDR3/GDDR5 is a test to see which comes out better for gamedevelopers and the ram allowed to games will be more or less the same since they are both made so similar.

    • cozomel

      You know, its funny cuz people keep saying that lower latency is better for the cpu than the higher bandwidth. Yet every new iteration of RAM keeps on increasing the bandwidth, while making the latency worst. Even MS chose 2133Mhz DDR3 for the X1 instead of the lower bandwidth but better latency (and not to mention cheaper!) 1866Mhz DDR3 RAM. And DDR4 will also have higher latencies and higher bandwidths. So fanboys need to get of this theoretical bullsh!t and realize the reality. For graphics and ever more so for general computing, bandwidth is king, latency not so much. Get with the program people!

    • Dakan45

      No you are missing something important, cpus can be used for physics.

      So no you are incorrect, Ps your knowledge on graphics is facepalm worthy.

      But its ok keep listening to what sony tells you.

    • cozomel

      Are you ok? are you even in the same conversation here? What a whacko, where in my comment did I ever mention “physics”? Wow! and you have the audacity to say my knowledge of technology is “facepalming”!? Im sorry but you are a complete and utter, i’ll stop right there. Reread what I wrote, then reread it again and again til you get it, then get back to me. Everything I wrote is technically factual and “listening to sony”? What!? When has Sony ever said any of this? You need to stop listening to MS’s and the MS fanboys bs, cuz its making you, well you know.
      And p.s. I bet you most phyics is going to be handled by the gpu, because the gpu’s parallelism is better suited for it. And I love how people show just how stupid they are and what fanboys they are by disagreeing with facts

    • Dakan45

      You really dont know about multicore rendering? Nevermind, forget i said anything.

    • cozomel

      No, Dakan, I don’t, why don’t you tell me about it. Come on man.

    • Dakan45

      Gta iv and other x86 pc games use the multiple cores of the cpu to render. It is possible to run physx through the cpu and considering how physx appeared on ps4, it was the idea that maybe ps4 can use the cpu to render physics, but the cpu is so weak and the xbone is even worse than this is no longer the case, thus they gonna have to use the gpu to render physx, which is gonna bottleneck it since physx are designed for a dedicated card, which means you need 2 videocards for physx.

      Yet, the weak cpu and lack of ddr3 are not bottlenecks which they are… but they gonna bottlenck the gpu by throwing everything at it.

      Not to worry though since xbox1 is singificantly weaker so they simply will lower their expectasions on graphics.

    • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

      You keep mixing the term physics with Nvidia’s resource hogging bloatware…which is the Physx API. Not all games use Physx by Nvidia bro. You keep mentioning how physics were planned to be run on the cpu for the ps4…ok???? You do know that the cpu is what has traditionally been responsible for handling physics right? You make it seem like that was some new idea by Sony. You obviously don’t know how gpgpu compute works either. The bulk of the gpu is never fully used on graphics. The compute units are able to handle traditional cpu tasks such as physics and collision detection without diminishing the quality of the graphics. I don’t even know why I’m trying to bestow knowledge on an armchair engineer such as yourself.

    • Dakan45

      You do reallize ps4 will use nvidia physx? No not at all, so please throw your cluelessness elsewhere

    • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

      Yeah dumbass. Ps4 will support the Nvidia Physx API for games. That doesn’t mean every game will be using the Physx software to handle the in game physics.

    • Dakan45

      Newsflash dipshit, consoles ALWAYS have diffirent api.

      PHYSX is a Nvidia trademarked techonlogy. Ps4 will use Nvidia physx, thats about it. Now why the flying hell you think physx is a “software” is beyond me, propably becasue you are a retard.

    • Yazzam

      Eh? 🙂 NVidia’s PhysX IS software! It’s a software based physics API.

      Initially, when created by the company Ageia, PhysX software required dedicated hardware to run, but once Ageia was bought by NVidia, it was redesigned to run on PC CPUs and accelerated by NVidia GPUs.

      The PhysX SDK runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms, hence is used in some games for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and even the iPhone.

      Therefore PhysX is available for both PS4 and Xbox One too. Developers could use the PhysX API for their games if they choose too, or they could use an alternative physics API or build their own.

      Here’s some further information about PhysX;

      Hence it’s a software physics API which can be accelerated by GPU hardware. At the time of writing, that article reports that GPU acceleration for PhysX is not supported on consoles. If that’s still the case today, then PhysX will perform equally well on the Xbox One and PS4 because their CPUs are the same. However, if PhysX has been improved to support AMD GPU acceleration, then the PS4 would have the edge over the Xbox One for PhysX based physics.

      Given that PhysX will be competing against other physics APIs next gen, I can’t see the logic of still restricting the API to only NVidia GPU acceleration, therefore I would expect they’ve added AMD GPU acceleration support on the Xbox One and PS4, but that remains to be confirmed.

    • Dakan45

      I know that physx came from ageia and required a dedicated card. Stil in this day its too heavy and its best used with sli, It wil initially said in a article that they might use physx on consoles by rendering with the cpu, since its possible to use physics with the gpu.

      Consoles have diffirent api and pc software dont work as they are. Physx will have to be altered abit.

      The xbox cpu is weaker than ps4 but considering how weak both cpus are, i doubt they will use them for physx, then again i dont think the gpu can take physxs at the same time. We will see how it turns out.

      But then again marvin is a moron and thinks i said that every game will HAVE to use physx OR confused it with physics, of any kind.

    • Yazzam

      Hmmm, that’s not quite correct my friend, both the Xbox One and PS4 have a 1.6GHz 8-core AMD CPU, therefore their CPUs are the same, the difference is with their memory and GPUs, where the Xbox One’s GPU is weaker but it uses 32MB eSRAM and Move engines to (theoretically) get more out of the hardware.

      I think we all agree that physics benefits greatly from GPU acceleration, and you’re right that physics is not as impact free as Marvin appears to suggest, there’s always a trade-off, where the more the GPU is being used for physics the less processing will be available for graphics.

      However I don’t believe the new consoles will struggle with physics as you appear to suggest. There’s more than sufficient processing power in their CPUs and GPUs to enable very high quality and very advanced physics without sacrificing incredible graphics or framerate, either through middleware solutions like PhysX or Havok, or via the developers own physics solution.

      Let’s wait and see 🙂

    • Dakan45

      I got tired of the hype bullshit i read.

      First we hear that the 8 core cpu is gonna be a challenge for a japanese ps2 developer and that the good thing is that games will be optimized for 8 core cpus so they will run better on pc.

      The pauperstaion fanboys understand this as “the cpu is awesome”

      Now we hear the Warframe developer saying that the ps4 gpu is a “beast” when in reallity its a midrange gpu.

      They say “we gonna port all of it on ps4” AS IF a “next gen” console cant handle a F2P game.

      Then when asked if ps4 is gona have improvements, they say nope, there wont be none.

      The fanboys fall for it but warframe actually looks worse than dark sector a 6-7 year old pc can run it at the highest settings. For crying out loud the bullocks i read about ps4. Guess what “ps4 will run planetside 2 better than a 4000$ pc” if that crap are not manufactured specific to appeal to dumb console gamers that have no idea about hardware, i dont know what is.

    • cell989

      “DDR3 is bettr for cpu calculations and GDDR5 is better for gpu calculations. Both old pc tech”. yeah GDDR5 is not “old” tech lol shows how much you know, DDR3 is old tech tho

    • Dakan45

      GDDR5 is used on pc since 2008

      Go back to your consoletard cave along with the rest of the morons who are clueless about pc hardware.

    • Lord Akki

      You’re a douche MOFO. People like you is why I hate to be a pc gamer. Not to mention the bots and hacking stuff in games. You feel so threatened by the PS4, that you need to bash it in every PS4 article. lol you are a sad lil kid.

    • Dakan45

      and people like you is why i hate consoles, ingorant retards who have NO IDEA WTF THEY EVEN FUCKING TALKING ABOUT.

      Bots and hacking? ahahahhah you do reallize that pc has instaban and patches come out more regulary, so if you cheat, the players vote to kick you and then report you and band you and you cant cheat again becasue the patch fixing the exploit willl be out in a few days.

      You are sad little retard that has no idea wtf he is talking about, consoles are made for retarded faggots like you.

    • hatem

      DAKAN please people like you need to grow up and look at the bigger picture. u have to accept the truth.i have strong pc, PS3, 360 and Wii, and i know very well PC gaming visuals surpassed the current generation, but in the end, the best gaming experience is in consoles. WHY??? ok devs go to where money and sales exist. just an example, go search for Black op 2 sales (360/12.57m,PS3/10.58, PC/940k) WOW. Assassin’s Creed sales on PC are more laughable.

      again u say why? the PC OS will always be open and there is always illegal copies, virtual drives and cracks. because microsoft need creative software and others apps from different devs, to go with the OS. same goes for Apple, but a little different (no more on that subject). in the end the sales are there for consoles, even when 360 was modded multiplayer was disabled and updates were doing troubles, so people tend to wait till the game is in lower price.

      Exclusives are the reason for 360, more specifically PS3 gamers are getting better experience. ok with multiplat games u get better visuals, but u are missing on alot (Gears of war, Uncharted, God of war, Heavy rain,….). even with multiplatform games, Did you ever ask yourself why some games (originally devs started on PC) come out to 360 and PS3, before PC?? its for the same reason above and devs need to secure their sales on consoles first. strategy games are the only reason i come back to PCs, which is always the best place. even Blizzard with Diablo III are targeting consoles now because they know they are in the wrong place, their games deserve better sales.

      I am an old gamer, and u will eventually learn this 14 years old boy. with the SNES there was many good visuals for its time (Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong Country, aliens, Batman forever the game) in the end we all agreed the best games on SNES were visually nothing like Zelda: a link to the past. so the best gaming experience doesnt fall for best visual console it for best games it had.

      Here is my advise to u, go cry and beg to Nintendo, Epic games, Naughty dog, santa monica, and many others for not releasing their games on PCs

      and for the people fighting on GDDR5/DDR3. from all i have read DRR3 looks better for consoles with extensive apps and OS working more smooth, while GDDR5 is better for gaming visual effects. i dont think Sony is stupid enough to choose significantly higher priced RAM for nothing. Microsoft chose DDR3 because it serves their purpose better thats all. I just hope both work for exclusives and better experience for Dakan to cry more

    • Dakan45

      Actually people LIKE YOU need to grow up.

      “the best expeirance is one the consoles”

      Sure inferior graphics, inferior controls ,pre made control configs that you cant customize and bad online are all such a great experiance not to mention the lack of mods.

      Best experiance is on pc, but just like morons buy a iphone rather a better phone only becasue of the brand and hype, they buy consoles.

      What about gears of war and uncharted? They were fun the first 2 times, then it got old. Oh look ps4 has yet another infamous and ANOTHER killzone, why exactly you think those games are so great? I dont see anything impressive on shadowfall apart from graphics. On pc i got unique games like antichamber, shadorun returns and magrunner, on consoles its the same 100 million budget game that plays like the other 10 in the market.

      Yes pc is an open platform, which YOU LITTLE IDIOT, means that you can release a game without paying off ms and sony. But hey you supporting the xbox drm crap?

      The sales you posted are from retail, most pc gamers buy games on steam. Steam summer sales allow you to get those multiplats for under 10 bucks, there is a big shift in pc gaming economy every summer due to steam sales.

      Digital sales cannot be tracked.

      Lets see how consoles fare aside from cod and gta iv which are games everyone buys.

      150 million x360s and ps3s exist

      Sleeping dogs 1.5 million copies NOT sucessfull
      Hitman absolution, 2 something million copies NOT sucessfull
      Tomb raider about 3 NOT sucessfull
      Moh warfighter is under 2 million
      Darksiders 2 and darkness 2 and syndicate floped
      Resistance 3 couldnt achieve a million sales, if ps3 exlusives are so good why no one buys them? The ps3 with high sales is the last of us with 3.5 million sales

      But lets continue, crysis 3? Not sucessfull.
      Dmc about 2 millions not sucessfull.

      I know morons like you dont reallize just how much those suposselly “better experiances” cost.

      Max payne 3 costed 108 million to make for being a cheap 3rd person shooter, got 3 million sales, not good enough for rockstar.

      Dead space 3 had to get 5 million sales and resident evil 6 had to get 7, they didnt get them.

      if console market is so great then why games sell so bad? If those experiances are “improving” as you say. Maybe becasue all games are dumbed down and turned into an identical pile of trash that play alike so the whle “appeal to more audience” they tried to do DID NOT WORK and in the end they bury themselfs in the debtpit they creatd and they finacials go to hell. Thats why ps4/xbox are basicly pcs, in order to make development cheaper and easier. Congratulations we have ended up buying games to kee studios from closing down rather becasue they are good.

      On the other hand the pc market has not stopped growing, never before had the pc so many games and so many developers.

      WTF you talking about naughty dog and nitendo and satnta monica? They are console owned studios, they do not make games unless its on their system. Micosoft did that with bungie, they were a mac company, microsoft bought them, made them work on xbox and after the 10 year contract they own the halo ip


      That being said please kindly shove a cactus up your arse you pathetic CLUELES 12 year old consoletard.

    • hatem

      ok you need to know why i am saying grow up dakan. the reason is PC gamers goes on and on in consoles article just to say this is nothing compared to our PCs. it makes me laugh. Like i said i have all four, and guess what i didn’t see shadowrun returns or magunner unique. and again “Sure inferior graphics, inferior controls ,pre made control configs that
      you cant customize and bad online are all such a great experiance not
      to mention the lack of mods.” did you read my comment? i dont care about graphics, shadowfall looks better on PS4 than most PS3 games, but thats not the reason i am buying it. u have to read my comment again i will not explain again. i can tell you of over 50 exclusive titles on PS3 and 360, made my gaming experience much better than the PC. Do you have any console?? online gaming on 360 was smooth just like PCs and my PS+ offers made my 500GB full and the online gaming was not that bad, not slow and completed all my matches on UC3 and TLOU. and about the sales numbers, please dont say things u know nothing about. companies may have lost, broke even or made little profit. u have ignored many games selling over 5m and sure made alot of profit. u have to know franchises usually cost less as devs dont start from scratch but again companies are secret with the games budgets. believe me companies will stop developing any games with loses and with steam sales which i know is growing, its still nothing compared to consoles. u need to do your search and make sure of that yourself.
      ALL i am saying playing all 4 platforms, guess what my PS3 was the best and UC2, UC3 and TLOU (now)are my best online experience. u played UC twice and got bored thats your opinion.

      so next time i want you to defend your PC stop saying inferior graphics and pre made custom control config( a joke actually) and online mod and shit. say you are sticking with PC because of these games you people never got on your consoles. now i will respect your opinion and call you a grown up.
      🙂 Again stop crying eventually those great developers might be free of MS and Sony to develop for your PC, for me till now consoles bring me better gaming, and i have your genius PC.

    • Dakan45

      ok wtf are you retarded? So you say you stuck with ps3 for 50 exlusives? GOOD pc has HUNDRENDS and UNLIKE ps3 exlusives they dont play alike, they are diffirnt unique experiances and yes you dumb faggot, having the ability o improve graphics, mods, better controls and chance wherever to accelarate with the thumbsticks or the x button IMPROVE the gaming experiance.

      All those things improve the experinace, on the other hand what you got on consoles? A failing industry filled with less and less new games and less consoles, games underselling becasue the “appeal to a mass audience” that they try to do DOES NOT WORK, expensive games with as less interaction as possible and crapboxes that become outdated 2 years after release.


      I didnt mention games who sell 5 million or more? You mean like gta ,battlefield and cod? Got news to you, thanks to that more and more games become online only such as titanfall, destiny, division, the crew. Thanks for destroying the industry. So Steam sales are nothing compared to consoels? They still sell more than ps3 exlusives, if those “Exlusives” are so good how come no one buys them? Isnt that what you consoletards saying about us?

      Torchlight 2 , 2 milliion plus. There you go.

      Pc is superior, go ahead and try to defend your garbage ps3.

      Sorry dipshit, the one who needs to grow up is you and REALLIZE consoles are for kids who cant do anything else than plug and play or morons who dont have any idea about techonology, all the tournaments and serous gamers in korea play on pc, pc has the best graphics, pc has the technological innovation, games are made on pc, pc has better control and the best online.

      But kids like the new iphone and the new crapstation box 5 that allows you to “share” “browse” “corss game chat” and other stuff that were on pc since the dawn of time.

      Grow up and buld a pc you useless retard.

    • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

      I honestly feel sorry for you bro. Only a person with no life and no friends would be able to troll every ps4 article making the same false claims about a console. You’re no engineer? The fuck you know about the customizations Sony made in the ps4 hardware design? Nothing. You just get on here and repeat the same crap you’ve read from other wannabe computer engineers. “Gddr5 is not good for the cpu.” You don’t know shit about shit. It’s a customized console designed primarily for gaming …not some standard, traditional pc setup. I will take Mark Cernys expertise in building the system over your 12 year old misinformed rants anyway. That is all.

    • Dakan45

      “making the same false claims about a console”

      NOPE they are all correct but you MORONS dont reallize it.

      Yes i am an angineer. Cerny is a failure a joke. He was in atari, it was devasted, he was on 3DO, same fate, he was on sega, same fate. Iroinicly the dumb japs couldnt make a console after the failure that ps3 was so the hired amd to do it.

      Oh the irony hurts.

      I have been in this since the early 90s i have seen nearly every generation of consoles and it was the same each time.

      Sony overhypes with lies and undelivers, morons like you have goldfish memory and in the end consoles are weak.

      Yes you stupid fuck, ddr3 is better for the cpu, if you have the actual brains and knowhow to reallize WHY then MAYBE you didnt fall for sony’s bullshit like “oh ps3 is gonna last for 10 years due to the power of da core” and “ps2 is so powerfull it can make weapons of mass destructions”

      BUT I FORGOT, you 12 year old CUUUNTS have goldfish memory and dont know SHIT ,FUCKING SHIT. You gubble up every piece of shit sony serves you, like how ps4 will magically run planetside 2 better than a 2000$ pc.

      LOL aside from the fact the ps4 cpu is so freaking bad that you cant find a 8 core so bad for pc, aside from the fact the videocard it has is average, but hey sony and their magical pony puke will make the 400$ powerfull enough to turn off the sun and ensure world peace, REALLIZE THAT YOU ARE BEEING FOLLED BY SONY YOU DUMB FUCKS.

    • hatem

      Marvin when talking to those kind of people like Dakan. u need to throw
      him facts so he can jump back and forth to his same idea, not knowing
      what else to say. he thinks he is intelligent and so genius that sony and micro feeds us lies, but he knows of it. and he is an (angineer) like he said,
      he knows better than nintendo, sony and microsoft that even they dont
      know, they are destroying the industry. he is really funny, in my group
      (friends) we call them a candy, a person we need to make fun off, and he
      is never offended, he just keeps on, giving more opportunities to laugh
      at. I told you Dakan, just say your opinion with mainly exclusive PC
      games, which made PCs more suitable for u. may be i could have figured
      some games i missed. all i said with exclusives on PC and PS3 i had more
      fun on PS3 with Heavy rain, GOW series, and Uncharted, TLOU and many
      others but to hell with that u wouldnt understand. i want u to reply
      again, with a bunch of morons,cunts,Fucks,dumbs. (just be ware i will
      take you back and forth, till u repeat urself because u will never get
      my point and its funny and it never gets old)

    • Dakan45

      hatem is a pathetic troll fuck who has not sated any facts, and buys the bullshit that they feed him without any knowledge.

      I bet he is the same retard who believed that dead space 3 microtransactions were aded becasue “we wanted to attract mobile gamers”

      Not to mention firing halfthe developers from the old republic and saying “we did because its the only way for the game to continue to grow and expand”

      How does a game grow withotut developers? Make no sense, yet they gone f2p afterwards.

      They also said that dead space 3 will not be enchanced on pc due to the fact they want to offer the same experiance on all systems.

      Yet they showed kinect features for x360,doesnt that makes the experiance superior? In the end the pc version was highly enchanced.

      So in conslusion the statements the PR GUYS, the marketing department makes are false and they do not believe them, they are there for hype and morons like you to argue over the internet about lies they told you. They do not actually have an idea wha the developers are doing.

      Look how everyone praised the Wii u and when it came out, they turn tail and run. Look how NO ONE can answer one simple question, how much ram is avaialable to the developers?

      So long story short, those nitendon, sony and ms representatives are lying marketing trols who do not tell the truth.

      Sony on ps2 “its so powerfull it can make weapons of mass destruction”

      sony on ps3 “it will last 10 yeasrs due to the power of the core”

      Many developers on wiiu “its a great system”

      ms on xboxone “the power of the cloud allows us to push graphics further”

      If you still believe the proven wrong HYPE PR BULLSHIT they are saying, you are a retard.

      So you had more fun with heavy rain? Really? a movie? What happen to gameplay? I forgot, this generation of consoles killed gameplay. God of war was fun back in ps2, but it got old, there was no need for ascension same with uncarted, was fun the first 2 times got old afterwards. Take a look at resistance 3. They milk those “Exlusives” too much and they kill them. Oh look shadowfall plays like another generic shooter, howamazing.

      Yup, nice exlusives you got there bob.

      Its funny that you are a trolling fuck who comes back here and replies, i have an acount i get inbox, you do not, yet you check everyday for my reply. The one who has no life is you, you sad fuck that works in a bank and is totally not a little shit 14 year old duchebag.

    • hatem

      u started ur post with hatem is a pathetic troll fuck. mmmm

      good for u. not stated any facts? the fact that you ignore every fact i said about the industry and experience proves me right and now u search for another weak point. milking franchises, its a good thing insomnia tried really good with resistance 3 and it is the best of the 3 games. but then they knew enough with that, through sales and now they are going to microsoft with new ideas and ip. Halo 3 sold best with halo reach and halo 4 going less. Halo will stay for a while because it began a console online gaming best experience and its still having the effect even if the throne given to COD and new devs to work on. all developers should do that, the game is still profitable. higher profits microsoft need to spend on more franchises to expand or risky new ips such as quantum break or crimson dragon or … thats why i was in favor of Sony this gen. they took more risk and introduced many new ips. Microsoft stuck with only 2 main franchises especially in the last 2 or 3 years. people say 360 was shit because of that, but i believe its not true .its their second console in the market, they had good sales, they had a year ahead start of sony. even with RROD, in the end with software sales and numbers 360 is not the best but very successful, thats my opinion. microsoft achieved that goal and PS3 had just surpassed 360 sales this year, Wii is completely suited for another audience and had many good games (Galaxy, zelda, and many others). competition is good for the industry. on PC u have alot of franchises being milked. do u think starcraft 2 breaking in to 3 games campaign as milking? they took alot bad wording for that, but many didnt mind. its the company’s strategy and they believe it will bring more profit. they could have done one game with 3 crapy campaigns.
      as for the PR statements u mentioned. who cares? Dakan those statement are not the reason consoles become successful. PS2 didnt succeed because it can be used as a mass destruction weapon. I remember its so powerful it can be used to direct missiles and not make a mass destruction weapon as u said, whatever.

      there is many new ideas and ips, started on consoles, even if they are so gimmick and silly for u, with the Wii motion or dancing games or guitar hero and many others.

      i do care more about the gameplay but Indigo prophecy movie style game is nice and new. i like playing this kind of games every now and then. Sony took them and made heavy rain even better. sold only 2.5m i dont know if it was profitable, but they are sticking with sony next game Beyond, so i guess it was. stop bashing on games and ideas that you personally don’t like. i hate motion games kinect and move but its not destroying anything. i still got my style of games. as for the Wii U, we all know that nintendo console sales depend on their exclusive games (mario, zelda, metroid, donkey kong, ..), when these games come with the price cut, u will see it running fast, only then the third party will take risk and develop for it,even if its only a bunch of third party games were successful with Wii. its their business plan that got them in bad situation. btw i dont want to sign up for Gamingbolt, the article is opened and i didnt close it. i have my sub in other sites, but with all the PC gamers weeping over PS4 and X1 articles, i thought may be i could help one of them to be more realistic and mature. but its my fault, i will never talk sense in to you, because u r simply stupid. the internet is crowded with ur kind.

    • Dakan45

      “the fact that you ignore every fact i said about the industry and experience proves me right”

      Yes the fact that YOU ignore all those facts THAT I SAID about the game industry proves me right. Taht being said you are the typical RETARDED disphit and completly clueless consoletard in the internet.

      Guess waht dipshit? I am not gonna read your huge wall of text and not rimply to your retarded trollish messaged.

      You can go and fuck a cactus, i am done with you.

    • hatem

      u can’t read all the text and u r done, because u realized how stupid u r to understand. u cant deal with all the facts i am telling u and the fact that i have all the gaming platforms and proving ur shit all wrong thats all. and “go fuck a cactus” how old r u really?

    • Dakan45

      No i am done with a no life faggot that feels my indbox and has nothing better to do than look for this page that he has the link saved somehwere and looks for replies to mubles BULLSHIT every day without proving anything of what he said and being a complete retard. So yeah keep trolling disphit, i am not gonna bother with your shit anymore.

    • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

      You are not an engineer bro. You can barely even speak English. So I know you wouldn’t be able to understand computer language. You are what we real engineers in the making call armchair engineers. You get online posting the same rhetoric from other clueless armchair engineers who have no idea how console development works. I, personally, don’t think Sony screwed me over in any way on any system. I would have payed twice the price of the original ps3 if I knew that it would bring me as much fun and entertainment as it did. So your opinion about sony under delivering is nothing but that…an opinion. You try to make yourself seem like some pc elitist…but I get a sense that you’re too poor to even afford a high end gaming pc. Something tells me that you are just a no life looking for conversation on the Internet. Please say something intelligent bro. I’m tired of feeling sorry for you.

    • hatem

      WOW WOW Marvin, give Dakan a chance as an intelligent (Angineer) to process his mind. Wait Wait its coming (INFERIOR GRAPHICS, VISUALS, MODS, CUNTS, FAGOT,DUMB SHIT, LIES,FEED U LIEEEEES) LOL

    • Dakan45

      Am sorry i missed how indian engineers which are known to be some of the best can speak english any better.

      Also retarded dipshit, “speaking” is not the same as MAKIGN TYPOS.

      but i doubt a troll fuck like you would know that.

      “So I know you wouldn’t be able to understand computer language”

      MAUAHHAHAHAHHA the russians are the best programmers you fucking dipshit.

      “who have no idea how console development works.”

      On the other hand you do you stupid fuck? Enlighten me?

      “I would have payed twice the price of the original ps3”

      Yup thats how retarded you pauperstaion fanboys are.

      “So your opinion about sony under delivering is nothing but that…an opinion.”

      its a fact everyone knows this aside from pauperstaion faggots.

      “but I get a sense that you’re too poor to even afford a high end gaming pc.”

      I have a 6 year old pc that plays games better than your shitty consoles.

      So YOU the poor and retarded CONOLETARDS talk about “pc being expensive” and “having to ugpraded everyear” can go and kill yourselfs.

      That being said you got pwn and you can go crawl all the way back to your mothers pussy.

    • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

      What an unintelligent troll you are bro. You could atleast be a good troll. You suck at life. You suck at communication. You suck at everything from what I can tell. If you any speak proper English then stay off of our mainstream American gaming websites until you learn how to do so. I don’t even know why I bothered responding to you again. Everything you said was opinion based. Russians and Indians are the best programmers?? Lol what a dumbass. You’re dismissed bro. I’m getting dumber just by talking to you.

    • Dakan45

      and you suck at being a retard in the intenet and a admit failure.

      Listen dipshit. Japanesse made your ps1/ps1 game sand consoles, indians are the best engineers and russians the best programmers, most developers are europeans and NOT americans that being said you are a pathetic retard, admit failure and STFU you pathetic excuse of life.

    • hatem

      Well now i am sure how old r u? look kid it appears u didnt understand a word i have said (lol still talking about improve graphics, mods, better controls and chance wherever to
      accelarate with the thumbsticks or the x button IMPROVE the gaming
      experiance). i have told u to grow and stop crying just to heat it up but then u freak out saying moron, dumb faggot and retard. people warned me of opening a conversation with people like you, you r defending your pc as if its your GF and you have a long sex relationship with :). u either a big man with a black out and very limited, that you couldnt comprehend a word i said, or you understand very well and like Lord Akki said u are just little kid, so threatened of PS4 and X1 and u come to their articles and bash them. if you cant afford to have them all besides ur PC this is your problem. i will still have my high end PC and i will buy all three consoles. One more thing i can tell you of many games on PS3, with only single player experience and sold very well. even TLOU has a very interesting multiplayer, but still people care much more about the story. Santa monica introduced multi in GOW:A just to please hardcore GOW fans to play more with after beating the game, in the end people also cared more about the game itself, which is y they were mad the story and SP wasnt as good as before, it didnt sell very well like GOW3, which had no multi. so ur point of multiplayer is not true. MGS4 which in my opinion one of the most unique games last gen, was mainly bought for its SP. ok i will need to explain more because i know what kids like you will say. MGS4 costs alot, with only 5.8mil sold. but you have to know sony paid konami upfront to make the exclusive, so with the sales konami made profit although the game was very exp to make. sony on the other hand used the game as a system seller. I know eventually those people were going to buy PS3 but Sony needed the boost at the time under $600 price tag and MGS4 did perform even if its just 500k boost. so in the end it was a good deal. this was risk because PS3 didnt have high consumer base, with many of them didnt play MGS1, 2 or 3 and not ready to jump to 4 and many others not interested in third person shooter-stealth kind of games.

      look kid i work at a bank, held the industry analysis, did a microsoft case and believe me with high end expensive PCs, Microsoft, Sony and nintendo are the reason the gaming industry is still alive, a 400$ PC will be garbage. those companies wait till they find a good balance between cost and hardware leap over last gen. i am trying to put it as easy as possible for you understand and i hope u did. the gaming industry is said to have surpassed the movie industry because of PS3,360 and wii and not because of the PC. but i have to admit its the 4 of them which helped the industry to expand so quickly, PC alone would have killed it, its the competition that did this and what less consoles? more big companies thinking of joining the race kid, even Valve ohh the irony.

    • Dakan45

      Listen pathetic fuck, i was gaming since the early 90s, i am not a “kid” Consoles are trash in comparison with pc, everything consoles do, pc does it better. There is no need for a “400” pc you upgrade your current pc. You DONT build a new one, can you play ps3 games on your ps4? No? too bad, becasue i can play all pc games ever made and console games through emulators, what your shitty consoles have? NOTHING.

      Listen kiddo, you dont know SHIT about economy, ms,and sony have destroyed gaming and made games more casual and simlpistic, to appeal to more people, they resulted into making movie games and and that raised the costs thanks to hollywood actors and high end products. Look what happen now. NOTHING sells, becasue games play alike and games flop and studios closing down. Its too expensive to make consoles and develop on consoles this generation lasted 8 freakign years due to how expensive console development is.

      So how did the dumb japs and microsoft fixed this? THey hired amd to make pc boxes for them.

      FACE IT RETARD the only thing that keeps the industry going is pc hardware and indie pc studios and valve.

      Thats the only think keeping them going, the AAA games are DYING and valve did not join consoles, they expanded by making steambox, which is NOT a console but a mini pc.

      Lord AKKI is a little cunt who goes around praising his ps4 sounding like a complete retard saying that sony is relegion and he is a loyal customer for 13 years, he talks like a fucking teenager who just discovered trashtaking.

      So dont talk to me about the game industry son, you dumb kids dont know SHIT about it.

    • james

      The best expeirance is on PC consoles are weak, with low framreate and bad controls

    • Dakan45

      Lol now you vote your own comments, nice. You are failure kid, go kill yourself and stop trolling and calling people duches and mofos

    • T Dot M Dot

      IF hes trolling what are you doing? PC gamers are so stupid. fully hating because PS4 is going to be THE GAMING machine. If 500mb can make the last of us… 4.5min gb can make amazing games. Get a grip you little dick and move along. this is no fanboy here i just hate to see little morons like you ruining the gaming community

    • Dakan45

      Its a 14 year old that has no idea wht he is talking and goes around calling people douches and says sony is a relegion and god.

      He is as braindamged as he can get,

      PC GAMES ARE NOT STUPID YOU ARE,. Pc gamers now what hardware does, you do not.

      The last of us looks like crap by current standards, sorry to burst your buble but nearly evey multiplatform game looks better on pc, now dont be annoyed by this but consoles do not keep delivering graphics, they slowly stop and thus you get dated visuals. If you play on pc which you dont, you would see that the graphics are better. But YOU DONT , so you think the last of us is the best there is.

      Crysis on consoles and metro last light run at low settings and they look better than the last of us. Bf3 and max payne 3 run on low settings.

      Those are FACTS not bullshit.

      Ps4 is build like pc, why the hell you think it uses all that ram for os and other functions?

      So sorry to tell you this dipshit but its not gonna look amazing, its a midrange pc with aw weak cpu ,thats is the truh and no matter how many times you thumb me down it wont change that, feel free to continue being a consoletard and believe the lies they tell you. You consoletards are immature ignorant retards with no intelligence or any knowledge on how those things work whatsoever.

    • T Dot M Dot

      Lmao its the highest rated game ever. You are such a little moron. You nerd around this website trying to annoy people just go away. enjoy your little PC…
      I dont even want to waste my time with people like you
      prime example of a PC prick and i would never be part of the community with super nerds like you. I bet it takes you two minutes to reply. get a life go outside you little mug

    • Dakan45

      Wtf does rating has to do with graphics? Also bioshock infintie is very overrated. But it doesnt have good gameplay nor does anything good for the genre, yet those retards who dare call themselfs “critics” were biased and rated it with focus on story.

      I bet gta v will come out and it will get 10/10 everywhere.

      So much for game jouranlism being written by morons.

      Newsflash, scientists try to come up with a number lower than 11 but higher than 10 so the morons who started playing games in 2006 can rate games properly.

      Thats what the highest rated is just lies and hype.

      I will try to annoy you, you piece of trash. Let me show you how stupid you consoletards are.

      DDR3 is for better for cpu calculations than GDDR5 therefore GDDR5 is not better than DDR3, but you didnt know that because you are a fucktard and believe whatever lies sony tells you.

      I like how i am a super nerd with no life yet you keep replying and bash people if you dissagree with their platform of choice either the xbox or the wiiu i like how you pretend to know how the ps4 works and i like how FUCKING RETARDED YOU ARE.

    • T Dot M Dot

      Ill see you on PS4… Thats all i have to say lol
      DDR3 is better then GDDR5 lmao.

    • Dakan45

      How is GDDR5 better you pauperstation retard? DDR3 has better latency, therefore is faster for cpu calcualtions meaning xbox one cpu is more powerfull.


      But i forgot, you have no knowledge of the matter or how it works you just believe what sony tells you.

    • Dakan45

      am not leaving you asshole, you are gonna get your head straight kid and stop trolling

    • Nikola Kostic

      Im not going to call you insulting names since you seem to be already arguing with everyone on this comments section but i will tell you this: You’re spreading the same nonsense that we find on other sites (most likely started by Microsoft), and you’re misinformed:

      1) Latency as relating to RAM should be measured in
      nano/mili seconds. GGDR5 has much lower latency in nanoseconds. It only appears that it has high latency when you look at it in clock cycles because it’s clocked much higher than DDR3 and so its clock cycles are much shorter. My point being, GDDR5 will have no disadvantage when it comes to the CPU compared to Xbox, but it will have a significant advantage relating to the GPU.

      2) Since you’re also a PC gamer, you should know that because of the standardized x86 architecture, there will be no reason to “code for the lowest denominator”. Rather it will work much like in today’s PCs that have different GPUs, where the ps4 will be able to have slightly better fps and slightly better details, physics simulation, etc.

      3) At least in the long run, the PS4 plans to use its GPU (not CPU) to do all the physics, collision detection etc. Cerny explained that this will not impact graphical performance because usually you have some ALUs free. Again this is obviously coming from a sony spokesperson but it is logical and i don’t think he’s lying.

    • Dakan45

      i do not support either console. The fact you believe this “nonsense” is spread by microsoft but the liars at sony do not spread nosense amazes me.

      1) The memory controllers are on the cpu. That being said you are incorrect.

      GDRR5 is a dissadvantage to the cpu when compared to DDR3, everyone knows shits.

      2)The other way around ps4 cpu is so crap that you cant find a 8 core cpu like it, you have to compare it with a powerfull quad core. The videocard is a entry midrange card, it will be low end in a year or two. If the xbox is around, graphics will be toned down to work on it. It was the same in every generation. Games wil be ported from pc to ps4 due to the sheer power.

      How will ps4 have better physics, last time i heard they gonna shove the physics to the cpu and ps4 cpu is crap. What doe the glorios pauperstation 4 beat sli Physx cards now? PLEASE GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER.

      3) So ps4 is gonna use the gpu for pretty much everything? Thta is not a bottleneck? But i forgot Cerny said that there are no bottlenecks despite no DDR3 and weak low end cpu.

      I bet also Cerny shoots fire out of his arse and flies around with magical ponies. Its not like we havent heard this nonsense before “da power of da core” in 2006, or “ps3 is gonna last for 10 years”

      But hey THIS TIME, it will be diffirent, THIS TIME sony is gonna deliver, do you reallize just how naive you sony fanboys sound.

    • Nikola Kostic

      Ok youre officially a moron

      1) even if you choose to disregard my comment aboout lower latency of gddr5 (which you should look up) name what console apps require low latency? Only cpu intensive apps require it because they fight over the available cores when trying to run all at once This is how pc’s work not how consoles work dipshit

      2) I wss referring to ps4 having better environmental effects, physics and the rest compared to xbox one, not compared to a $1500 pc, imbecille. Assassins creed developer even admitted it (I wont bother finding the article for you)

      3) yes, most apps even physx running on an apu will be hardware acvelerated meaning gpu.

      Im not all for sony either but while sony may boost a bit (as you expect from someone trying to sell its product) they offer a significantly more advanced machine than xbox and for a cheaper price, they didn’t start off with anti consumer policies (drm, always online..) and they didnt flat out lie (“cloud will tripple xbox power”). I currently own an xbox 360 and will definitely be making a switch to ps4, so your argument that im just a fanboy is invalid, I am a customer who doesn’t like to be tricked and scammed which is what Microsoft is doing this generation. Hopefully they learn their lesson at the very least

    • Dakan45

      “Ok youre officially a moron”

      and you are a faggot, so i will reply to a language you understand.

      1) No you MORON Amd cpus have the memory controllers on the cpu,

      “Name what console apps require low latency?”

      Wtf you talking about do you even understant that game utilize multi core rendering, so yeah the cpu will be weak as hell and there is nothing that you can say about it.

      “This is how pc’s work not how consoles work dipshit”

      Right thats why alot of ram will be taken by the os and other functions FACE IT, ps4/xbox are working like pcs than consoles, so your resources are drained just like pc.

      2) You were reffering to the bull crap you pulled out of your ass but anyway, we arleady establsihed you are a faggot.

      3) So it will bottleneck the gpu so they will have to use the cpu at some point. Yes you can do physics with the cpu, it was discusses before as a solution but after GDDR5 they stack with the gpu.

      But hey, i am a “officially a moron” because becasue some clueless consoletard said so, so wtf do i know? Might as well keep rumbling on despite the fact that the developers who suposselly work on ps4 cant even answer how much ram it is available to them and how they will approach the architecture. Instead they telling us not to bother with those tings and its their problem not ours.

      But the clueles consoletards will try to argue hardware like they can tell their face from an arse, if they actually could, they would build a pc not play on crapboxes.

    • Nikola Kostic

      this will be the last message I send and the only reason im replying is cus i keep getting gmail notifications (which ive now turned off)

      console programs/apps are very basic, netflix, facebook etc and even shitty android phones with much less cores and much lower clock speeds can run these so NO, console apps will not be demanding on the CPUs

      as for what you think will happen with ps4 in the future, spare me.. if you knew enough about it you would have been hired by a company instead of sitting on these sites and talking nonsense all day

      who the fuck are you to say what cpu the ps4 or xbox need? Youre a nobody. youre probably one of the faggots who kept saying the next gen hardware wont be able to run battlefield 4 at 1080p “because its only a 7850” well guess what it does! with 64 players and 60fps.. its a fact now. So go suck a dick and play games on your overpriced pc that still probably wont be as good as a ps4. im glad i wont see retards like you in my online games

    • Dakan45

      My god you are retarded.

      WHERE did i said apps will be heavy on Cpu? WHERE? I said that DDR3 is important for cpu perfomance and that the next consoles just like pcs will use alot of ram for os and apps.

      Those 2 are not directly related, just stating facts.

      ” if you knew enough about it you would have been hired by a company
      instead of sitting on these sites and talking nonsense all day”

      Lets see Sony makes ps3, ps3 is messed up and the architecture is horrible.

      The stupid japs hire amd to build their console because they suck at making consoles apparently. Amd is inferior than intel and cheap as hell.

      Mike cerny was on 3DO, it was a disaster, he was on SEGA it was a disaster, he was on ATARI, also a disaster

      But hey because the japs at sony hired him and amd, the usual crap-hype that sony lies about their new console being able to turn off the sun and cure cancer will come out true.

      You have to reallize everything is based on hype. We keep asking how much ram is it available to developers? No one can answer. I wonder why?

      The EPIC games guy who said the ps4 is a “perfect pc” which by the way does not say much other than hyping it..was a PR guy…MARKETING, NOT an actual developer with any knowledge on it. Most of the statements come from those guys.

      Just like dead space 3 “why does it have microtransactions?”

      “because we wanted to get the mobile audience”

      Definetly not becaue ea made money through F2P so they exploited that and mutated the practise like they usually do.

      Then asked “will the pc version be enchanced?”

      No he said because “we want to give the same experiance”

      Then they showed kinect features proving that its not the “same experiance” and that guy’s “marketing crap” was the turth on what the developers were actually doing.

      In the end the pc version was enchanced but the PR marketing guy couldnt possibly knew that because he WAS NOT A DEVELOPER.

      So in conclusion they make those statements purelly for hype without actually mean them, believe them or know for certain if what they say its true.

      Yet we sit like monkeys here and argue based on the LIES they feed us like “da power of da core” and “da power of da cloud” and “da power of 8gb of GLORIOUS GDDR5, which is incorrectly labeled as the “fastest and lastest ram in the market” when in reallity DDR3 is faster for cpu which is where ram is primarly used on x86 and its not the lastest, its from 2008.

      Why the FUCK you think one console has DDR3 and the other has GDDR5? Because they wanted to test which perfoms better.

      No bf4 will not run at 1080p with 60 fps at 4k resolution, all you been seeing is the pc version. They said that they are cutting corners.

      The console version will have inferior visuals.

      When oblivion came out on “next gen” x360, it looked beter on pc and run better.

      Dont expect this be any diffirent you might run the game at 1080p with no AA and barelly 60 fps but it will be on medium settings with standard textures while the pc version will run at very high settings with optional 4k resolution that the consoles cant handle.

      I hope you reallize that the ps4 cpu is a THREADED 8 core 2ghz cpu that is used on tablets and cou cant find one so bad on pc, you gona have to compare it to powerfull quad cores.

      The xbox one cpu is even worse at a 1.6ghz

      The gpus are 7870 and 7850

      The man who said that it will run on 60 fps and 1080p is also is the one who said the glorious facepalm worthy

      “new consoles are a generation ahead from pc”

      when the hardware on those consoles have the power of 2011. He said that now they can do 1080p and 60fps in their games and are no longer limited.

      So being able to use 2011 hardware and do what pc could fo for many years is a “generation ahead from pc”

      Reminds me the infamous EA crap “we fired most of the TOR developers because its the only way for the game to grow and expand” So firing developers helps and mmo to grow and expand? 2 weeks later the game gone F2P.

      Do you detect a EA hype PR lie here like with dead space that will be proven in the future that the spokeperson had no idea wtf he said?

      This happens to EA all the time.

      The Battlefield 4 E3 single player demo was shown, the game was running at

      3200x 2000px resolutions downscaled to 1080p with FX 8350 CPU, which has 8 cores and runs at 4 GHz,
      also four GPUs (2 x 7990s) and 12GB of graphics to keep the game at a solid 60fps

      If you believe that a 400$ box or a weaker 500$ box will be able to deliver what a 4000$ pc did, not to mention having 5x the power of those consoles, then you my friend are a RETARD and a guilable consumer easilley following the hype like a sheep. The cpu is twice as powerfull ONE of the two videocards is more far far more powerfull than the ps4 gpu, so much the xbox one gpu feels the same as the ps4 in terms of power…yet it had 2 OF THEM and the ram? 12gb +4-5 on each videocard = 20-22gb of ram.

      But hey the ps4 will be able to handle that at all times at 60 fps with the highest settings.

      “So go suck a dick and play games on your overpriced pc that still probably wont be as good as a ps4.”

      Yup you motherfucking retard actually believe this shit. You are the prime example of how CLUELESS,easily fooled and filled with missconceptions consoletards are.


    • James

      Sure kiddo consoles can outperfom high end pcs because the sony and microsoft tells you, hahaha i cant believe how many retards exist on consoles.

      Face it next gen consoles are weak and you are deluded.

  • bassaddict

    step up and compete with microsoft sonyyy

    • cell989

      hahahaha!!! thats why the xbox team had to make so many changes to their box right? so many fails and people think Sony needs to step up? Sony is right on track, the xbox team is still in a process of reset.

    • yojimbo

      what product would you rather buy? a ps4 which has a clear marketing message and backed up with over 4 years of engineering, software and hardware development – tells you clearly what its vision is and wows at E3, or the xbox one which has also been in development for over 4 years but (!) is constantly sending across mixed messages? don’t you agree that each change in policy or idea requires their engineers, hardware and software guys at microsoft to go back to the drawing board and start again or find a ‘fix/hack?’ to rush it out in time to meet consumer’s demands? so on one hand we have a ps4 which is near as damn ready, whereas on the other hand, the xbox one is in constant flux – i reckon there could be a lot of bug fixing and tons of weekly updates if i bought a xbox one at launch… and more worrisome will microsoft guarantee me all xbox one’s work without much risk of RROD or some other hardware breakdown? well personally i’m not falling for the rushed 360 rrod of death again.. nor buying having to upgrade because my xbox arcade was lacking in hard drive. i won’t pay cash twice!!

    • jahFou Z

      You guys, the ps4 hivemind – where do you come from? Coming to conclusions that don’t even exist yet to make yourself…what? I really don’t get it. Cool you like the ps4. Anyway here’s hoping all the 13 y/o jerkoffs flock to the ps4 and away from xbox live. Perfectly fine by me. Thank you sony!

    • John Jeffrey Tambanillo

      Did you even read his post before posting this nonsense of yours? Are you saying that xbox live is infested of 13 yrs old jerkoffs? Yojimbo didn’t state any conclusions. He stated facts about the xbox 360 and thinks that it might happen again knowing what Microsoft did in the past. I think the same as him which is why I dont trust Microsoft.

    • Yazzam

      What Yojimbo stated about the XBox One requiring “engineers, hardware and software guys at microsoft to go back to the drawing board and start again or find a ‘fix/hack?'”, is complete nonsense. A change of policy does not require a ‘back to the drawing board’ software rewrite or hardware redesign, so the claim that it would lead to a less reliable console at launch is a false assumption.

      Also, his comments about the XBox 360 has no relevance regarding the XBox One, and hence reads more like a list of excuses for not buying MS’s next gen console.

      Every generation is a reset, where the last gen says little about the next gen! The original Playstation had no major hardware problems that I recall, however many PS2s suffered from the dreaded Disk Read Error (or DRE, hence google “PS2 DRE” for numerous solutions online!). The PS3 no major hardware problems. The original XBox had no major hardware problems either, but as we know the XBox 360 suffered from the dreaded RROD. So for next gen, either the PS4 or the XBox One may reveal hardware problems, either shortly after launch or a few years later, or both may be reliable, we have to wait and see.

      Likewise we have to wait for the consoles to launch before we know which if any will have an major bugs that requires fixing or which requires regular updates (btw, can anyone state, with details, when this has happened with a new console?). So again, that’s an excuse not a fact.

      In the end, which console gamers choose should be about the GAMES they want/expect to play and the services they want/expect from the consoles, not about cooked up reasons for not buying a specific console 🙂

      As a multi-format gamer, I intend to purchase both consoles…eventually (I never buy consoles at launch, for numerous reasons).

    • John Jeffrey Tambanillo

      I agree about engineers NOT going back to the drawing boards BUT it is still a software change. Now, if Microsoft can take it out, what makes you think they WON’T bring it back later? This is what disturbs me the most.

    • Yazzam

      The OS Software is being worked on ALL the time for both consoles and will be worked on, developed and improved between now and launch! We can’t assume that the software is all locked down and finished so many months from launch, hence MS announcing their policy changes 5-6 months before launch was not a problem. Had their decision been made as late as October, then perhaps it would have been an issue.

      Regarding DRM, I believe it will be back, but the difference is, it will be for digital downloaded games only and will probably be an option. In other words, MS can say, here are the benefits of selecting the DRM download option instead of the standard download, these are the extra options DRM allows (sharing, selling/buying online, accessing your games from any online XBox One etc), but these are the downsides too (eg. 24 hour check-in required), therefore it’s the gamer who decides.

      Should that happen, then I see nothing for gamers to worry about but everything for certain gamers to be excited about 🙂

      Let’s wait and see.

    • DAVlD812

      There is a big difference in changing policy,and sending mixed messages. Microsoft reversed all DRM policys and their indie policy. Sony took the eye away when they found out the PS4 & X1 were going to have the same price. That is why there will be a blue sensor light always on. This is also why the Gameroom was still show cased. Becouse the removal of they eye being included was that fast. Sony had to stick with their origanal E3 script. Sony had 7 gigs of ram for games, and 1 for the os.Wait that’s right no they don’t. 3.5 os 4.5 games. With a flexible gig. Microsoft has said that unless a game needs an os app that 90% of ram. Can go towards the game. As far as the RROD Microsoft replaced those for free, and gave you a 3 year warranty. What about Sonys YLOD no replace.ments just had to go buy another console. I’m not a spec guy so I don’t know the differences in the specks.
      Sony Doesn’t care about you Microsoft doesn’t care about me. All I can say is Xbox has not took hardware away to match Ps price Sony did. Xbox hasn’t been going around promising 7gigs of ram 1 for OS, Sony did. DRM you can sell all your games on the X1. That is now before the reversal you could sale your games to Selected retailers. That is besides thec10 players that could have total access to your entire library, yes that includes DLC. PS4 only certain on first party games. 3rd party games resell policy up to the makers of the game. One more thing Look at what Sony head said about GameStop, and its business practices. Bottom line X1 was upfront with gamers. Which gamers got vocal, MS changed policy. Not once but 2 times. Also the family plan will be back

    • Devs

      When did sony promise 7 gbs for games and 1 for os? Just wondering I thought it was just rumors?

    • Yazzam

      Correct, Sony didn’t promise 7GB for games, that was a rumour based upon a rumoured 512MB being reserved for the OS when it had only 4GB and hence an assumption that it doubled to 1GB after the memory doubled to 8GB.

      That said, the rumour of 7GB has been around since the PS4 reveal in February, therefore clearly Sony were more than happy for this rumour to spread because they said nothing to correct it (especially when it was known that the Xbox One reserves 3GB). This is evident by the fact that within hours of the Eurogamer/Digital Foundry’s article that reported only 4.5GB to 5.5GB available for games on the PS4, Sony got in contact with DF to correct them over certain details, still without stating the actual memory available.

      DAVID812 made some good points but I believe he is incorrect about 90% of RAM being available for Xbox One games, however it would be true to say that the Xbox One has been attacked for it’s resource usage for months now (6 of 8 CPU cores, 5GB memory and 90% GPU available for games), but recent articles shows that for CPU and memory available, the PS4 is similar to Xbox One, hence I’d expect a similar percentage of it’s GPU available for PS4 games too (albeit a GPU with more power to begin with).

      Overall, when all factors are taken into account, the Xbox One and PS4 will be as similar to each other as the Xbox 360 and PS3, with each having advantages in certain areas (ok, I’m probably waffling a bit now, so I’ll stop :-)).

    • Devs

      XBOX TV, XBOX CABLE, XBOX NFL, XBOX TV, Hey guys we have a cable box that we can talk to for $500. Ohh and by the way you need to buy your own microphone because ya know xbox live is so great we still think you should pay extra. A big FU from M$. Lost all my respect for the XBOX180

  • Guest

    $0ny PauperStation = LIES, OVERHYPE, UNDERDELIVER! GFY pauper N4Gtards!

    • cell989

      XBOX JUAN= overpriced cable box with a spy camera and computer RAM from 2006 + pay for everything please, even the batteries in your controller

    • willhe

      xbox juan how creative. juan = john aka the guy that announce the coming of the One. i get it now

    • I’m typing this from my phone with a front camera. Oh no the horror I’m being spied on. Weak excuse Kinect camera watching us.

    • Lord Akki

      Still a douche huh? lol. And yet you wonder why you’re a loser on n4g 🙂

  • OBI

    xbox is gonna mop the floor with ps4

  • yojimbo

    it’s really funny. i have a pc running with ddr3 and my mate has a pc running ddr5. Guess what? His games run much much smoother and no slowdown even with tons of stuff going on whereas my pc does drop in frame rate and much worse when lots of things are going on. he swaps from game to desktop without it blinking – mine needs a few seconds to swap. if this same logic applies to the ddr ram on consoles then logically ps4 should be faster and games will be much smoother after 2 to 3 years as console games become bigger with regards to worlds, amount of physics on screen, speed of loading textures from disc/hdd to ram, etc. so if i had to spend $500 i’d choose the console which lasts longer and can cope with more intensive games in the future.

    • Dakan45

      There is no GDDR5 ram on pc, there is only Videocards, your “friends” “pc” doesnt “run” on “ddr5” he just has a NEWER VIDEOCARD that uses GDDR5 instead of ancient DDR3, considering how GDDR5 is used on video cards since 2008, your pc must suck hard.

    • Lord Akki

      and your ass must be fucked up.

    • Dakan45

      Pathetic pauperstation reply.

    • Lord Akki

      wtf is a pauperstation? It doesn’t even make sense. The fact that you’re so dumb only makes you more believable as an Xbot.

    • Dakan45

      Its a term used for those who believe the the lies sony says.
      Have i ever told you the definition of insanity? Its believing the same hype lies again and again and keep listening to sony trash and believing it because THIS TIME, just THIS TIME it will be diffirent and sony will deliver.

      Same crap as with “da power of da core” Yup i am sure ps4 can cure cancer and runs on magic as well.

    • Devs

      And just what did sony lie about? They never confirmed anything about how much RAM will be used for OS. No I am not a fanboy in fact I own a 360 and boy when you say THiS, JUST THIS TIME it will be different, You should watch a Windows commercials. HAHAHAHAHA laughing stock

    • Dakan45

      everything in short.

      I will just sit and wait and confirm their lies for 100th time, should be fun.

    • saryp

      silence retarded kid. I have seen you in many sites, close that trash mouth and stop suckign sony dick

    • Lord Akki

      you’re so hillarious, haha. I am that famous huh. Too bad for you now that I have taken interest in you, stalker. What dick? I’m just stating my opinion and sending the true hardcore gamers’ word for word 🙂 You must be the pathetic lil kid that doesn’t know shit.

    • Guest

      Wow, the extent of lies $0ny paupers go through…N4Gtards!

  • WellWisher

    This is my first time visiting this website. I read the comment below and subsequent replies and decided never to come back.

  • Guest

    Watching the $0ny PauperStation 4 reality crumbling before the N4Gtards’ eyes is delightful! Watching them squirm even more so. GFY paupers!

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      We have 60% more raw processing power that the budget gpu xbone.
      Your system is that weak , 900p is the new 1080p LOL.

      It’s always harder getting used to a system that’s easier to program for
      than the Xbones slow ddr3 ram.Sony said it’s easier to program for anyway.

      Go Sony, sales will show we are with you.

  • Niettendow

    Wow PS is a box of lies and the worst console comming out.
    Atari 2600 is much better
    PS4 got nothing on this oak finished apparatus.
    1.19 MHz MOS
    Technology 6507
    Audio +Video processor: TIA
    Maximum resolution: 160 x 192 pixels (NTSC).
    128 colors (NTSC)
    2 channels of 1-bit monaural sound with
    4-bit volume control.

  • Does anyone have any idea how the PS4 will take advantage of all that GDDR5 RAM for gaming when it has a low to mid range GPU and CPU? Surely they are bottlenecks right there UNLESS of course Digital Foundry are correct and RAM usage for gaming will be restricted to about 5GBs.

    • Dakan45

      What? You dare dissagree with the all mighty sony who can cure cancer and strike thunder at everyone else? You dare argue with a company that cant hire any propaer japanesse engineers so they had to get amd to build a cheap box for them. You dare argue with michael cerny who was on 3DO, sega and atari and all of them died?

      You dare argue that a weak cpu without DDR3 would logically not be able to take advantage of all that ram?

      Hell no sony is god, sony can make everything with magic and singlehandedly raise the dead through…..MAKE BELIEVE, and fandoys fall for it.

      But apparently having a cpu so weak and no DDR3 is not a bottleneck.

  • Razorsurfmonkey

    Developers have produced amazing games using just 0.5GB of memory e.g. Last of Us etc. I find it highly amusing that people seem to running around in circles screaming ‘OMG there’s only 5.5GB of memory available for games, we’re doomed!…’ As the dev above says, there’s too much to be taken advantage of right now and it will be like that for a few years. Just thinking about what devs like ND will be able to do with a GPGPUmulti core CPU and 5GB of super fast DDR5 in a closed system with minimal overheads makes me shiver!!

  • redaxis

    GDDR5 dude, it’s GDDR5!!!! How many times do I need to read articles confused that with DDR5?! There’s no DDR5!

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