10 More Video Game Franchises That Would Be Better Off With Other Developers

We’re back again with 10 more video game franchises that could hypothetically be better off with some other developers.

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It doesn’t matter how well loved or how popular a video game franchise is- something can happen at any moment that can turn it into a train wreck. A single bad game, a string of mediocre ones, or just a few years of hiatus can turn a super successful franchise into one that needs serious salvaging. It is at times like these that we start thinking in hypotheticals- how awesome would it be if this once-great franchises was handed off to this other developer? Wouldn’t they do a much better job?

We’ve already spoken about a number of franchises that would be better off with other developers, and now, we’re going to take a look at ten more.  We’re going to talk about who we think that developer should be, and also about why we think they would do a better job than the people who’re currently working on the franchise in question.

Just like last time, we would like to remind you that this list is purely hypothetical- entries you see in this feature are not predictions, theories or speculation. They’re simply hypotheses of why these franchises could possibly be better off in the hands of these other developers.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into it. If you disagree with any of our picks, or have suggestions of your own, sound off in the comments section below.


Why It Isn’t Working So Well

Mega Man was once one of the most popular franchises in the industry, and to be fair, it retains much of that popularity to this day. But that is in spite of Capcom, rather than because of them. The series has been on a hiatus for a number of years, despite fervent demands by the fans for a new game. Capcom have announced and cancelled several new Mega Man projects since, and the series remains inexplicably absent from the market. It’s not as if Capcom are no longer capable of making Mega Man anymore – after all, remember Mega Man 9 and 10, the last games in the franchise we got? Those were pretty good – it’s just that they are unwilling. And frankly, after seeing how they’ve handled some of their other classic franchises over the last few years, such as Street Fighter, we’re having serious doubts about their capability to make a good new one too..

How It Could Be Better

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Mega Man and Nintendo almost seems like a match made in heaven. Nintendo have shown throughout the years that they know how to respect and evolve classic franchises while retaining what made them beloved in the first place, and that is exactly what Mega Man needs right now. Looking at action-platformers such as the 2D Metroid games, it becomes exceedingly clear that Nintendo would be more than comfortable with handling the kind of game design and moment-to-moment gameplay that a typical Mega Man experience aspires to. Seeing how Nintendo handled Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and the 3DS is also very encouraging, and shows that they do respect the franchise the way it needs to be respected.

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