10 More Video Game Franchises That Would Be Better Off With Other Developers

We’re back again with 10 more video game franchises that could hypothetically be better off with some other developers.

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Why It Isn’t Working So Well

Because Fable is dead. The fantasy RPG franchise was once one of the heavyweights in Microsoft’s first party lineups. And even though the general consensus has always been that the series has never been able to maximize on its potential, Fable and Fable II are, to this day, considered to be among the best games on their respective systems. However, after that, the series continued declining consistently. Fable III was a massive disappointment, especially when compared with its excellent predecessor, and Fable: The Journey on the Kinect was not what fans of the series wanted at all. After the cancellation of Fable Legends, Lionhead Studios was shut down, and the future of the franchise looks very, very grim.

How It Could Be Better


Fable has always been about providing players with a free-form, open ended experience set in a high fantasy sandbox, so to say that it could work very well under the management of The Elder Scrolls developers Bethesda Game Studios doesn’t seem ridiculous at all. Bethesda is the kind of studio that could actually deliver on all the promises Fable has failed to keep over the years. They could make it a truly open world experience, for one, as well as giving the series more interesting, more consistent lore. Coupled with their experience of making sandbox games full of whimsy and personality, you can see why a Fable game made by Bethesda wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Bethesda have the ambition and the experience to be able to make the Fable game we have always been promised, but never quite got.

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