Wolfenstein: Youngblood Update Adds Checkpoints to Tower Missions, Boss Fights

Patch 1.0.5 is now live for PC, with the console patch still to come.

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Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood, despite being a new addition in the critically acclaimed series, didn’t go down quite well with fans. There were many problems experienced at launch including the lack of checkpoints in Tower missions and before boss fights. Whenever you ran out of lives, you would have to start the whole mission over again.

Thankfully, MachineGames has deployed a new update that fixes this. Checkpoints have been added to the missions and Guardian fights (but won’t appear if the main missions in those areas have been completed). Another nice quality of life change is refunding 50 percent of ammo for base weapons if you run out of shared lives.

Some other changes include reducing the feeling of enemy “bullet sponginess”, adding more special weapon ammo in tougher areas and increasing the switching speed for certain weapons. Check out some of the patch notes below. Patch 1.0.5 is currently live for PC – console players are advised to stay tuned for more news.

Patch Highlights

  • Adjusted difficulty of all boss fights.
  • Enemies can now have their health bars toggled on or off in the Options menu. (This does not turn off armor types.)
  • Took a variety of actions to reduce the feeling of enemy “bullet sponginess”.
  • An amount of ammo for basic weapons is now replenished after a player respawns.
  • Added more special weapon ammo throughout more difficult areas.
  • Added duplicate tutorial laptops to the game to make 100% completion more attainable.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some enemies in certain areas to spawn prematurely.
  • Increased the speed of switching between certain weapons to make it easier to adapt to enemy armor types.

Bug fixes

  • Client players can now explode Host player DKW charges by shooting them.
  • A data tape required to complete the Silent Outpost mission could go missing, preventing completion of the mission. This tape will now appear correctly for all players.
  • Equalized damage modifiers for all weapon classes and upgrades for Host and Client players. Previously a bug could cause one player to do a lot more damage with certain weapon types and upgrades.
  • The “available unlocks” and message could play despite there being active enemies. This will no longer occur.
  • Fixed a variety of timing bugs with completion events that could cause progression not to be saved in certain circumstances.
  • Co-op levers will now work much more reliably when playing solo.
  • Improved sister AI so that she gets out of the way of large enemies more often and improved ability to successfully heal the player when they are downed.

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