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E3 2012: Have A Look At The New Wii U Tablet Controller

The Wii U tablet controller has been redesigned! Now featuring analog sticks instead of circle pads, that ar... Read More

E3 2012: Nintendo Network Looks Kind Of Neat

Nintendo promised better online, and they delivered. With the Wii U, you get a persistent, always connect... Read More

Epic Games purchases Kingdoms of Amalur developer Big Huge Games

Big Huge Games, the developers of Kingdom of Amalur, were in serious trouble after all the events that trans... Read More

E3 2012: Wii U Gets A Traditional Controller, Without A Touch Screen

Two chief problems with the Wii U: the touch screen controller was derided by hardcore gamers as unnecessary... Read More

Nintendo Direct Live Blog- get all the new information on the Wii U here!

Looks like Nintendo is kicking off E3 early this year. A day before the actual E3 event begins, Nintendo is am... Read More

Battlefield 3 Premium trailer has been leaked

Battlefield 3 premium trailer has been leaked which we have embedded for you. In battlefield 3, players ste... Read More

RUMOR: Metal Gear Solid Coming to PS Vita

Popular import website Play-Asia has something interesting listed on its website: an entry for Metal Gear So... Read More

New Tomb Raider screenshots look fantastic

We have 5 new screenshots from Tomb Raider which shows Lara Croft in all sorts of trouble. The game looks fa... Read More

Remedy Teases More Alan Wake; Alan Wake 2 Inbound?

Alan Wake is one of the cult hits of this generation, with the former Xbox exclusive game widely hailed for ... Read More

New Unreal Engine 4 details are here

New details on Epic's Unreal Engine 4 have arrived in the latest issue of Game Informer, (via GAF) and it's ... Read More

Report: Nintendo Bringing HBO Go To Wii U

Remember when Nintendo said they were planning on making the Wii U a media box? Nintendo Everything dug... Read More

Uncharted: Golden Abyss sells over 500,000 units worldwide

In its latest issue, Play Magazine UK revealed the top software sales for the PS Vita, revealing that Unchar... Read More

Guns of Icarus- Closed Beta screenshots

Check out these new screenshots from Guns of Icarus. This game is published by Muse Games on Web, Mac and PC. ... Read More

PlanetSide 2- First concept arts

Check out these new screenshots from PlanetSide 2. This game is published by Sony Online Entertainment and is ... Read More

Star Wars 1313- An action packed logo

Check out this newly released logo forStar Wars 1313. This game is published by LucasArts. For more on Star... Read More

Star Wars 1313- A solitary key artwork

Check out these new screenshots from Star Wars 1313. This game is published by LucasArts. Star Wars 1313 wa... Read More

Hitman: Absolution- Five killer screenshots

Check out these new screenshots from Hitman: Absolution.This game is published by Square Enix and is expected ... Read More

Skyrim Dawnguard details: New shouts, perk trees, play as Vampire lord and more

The Skyrim Dawnguard DLC will be released on the Xbox 360 first and we have some details regarding that co... Read More

‘Get a fork and poke yourself in the eye’, Trent Oster on Bioware’s first RPG

Bioware co-founder Trent Oster has recent;ly compared Bioware's first, unreleased title to "{getting} a fork a... Read More

50 Most Amazing PC Case Mods You Will Ever See

The PC has been the most active gaming system, having been brought into the market over two decades ago and st... Read More

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