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Pokemon X & Y Shiny Giveaways Hosted by GAME UK

Obtain Shiny Legendaries at GAME starting from August.

7 Things We Want To See In Pokemon Black/White 2

Going largely against tradition and becoming the first numbered, direct sequel in the history of the franchise... Read More

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 revealed for the Nintendo DS

Earlier we reported that there was going to be a very important Pokemon announcement soon. We finally have t... Read More

“VERY important” Pokemon announcement coming on Sunday

A new Pokemon instalment is expected- a new Pokemon instalment is always expected. And while we have all bee... Read More

Mewtwo Invading American Copies of Pokemon Black/White

Last year a special Mewtwo was given away by The Pokemon company in Japan. Now, said Mewtwo will be making... Read More

New Pokemon Game to be announced next month

It's been 9 months since the last Pokemon games, Pokemon Black/White were released, and already, Nintendo is... Read More

10 Things We Want In Pokemon Generation 6

The Pokemon series is Nintendo's most important franchise, probably. Because while no other franchise Nintendo... Read More

“There were little of original games” at E3 this year- Pokemon director

"This year, FPS war games were trend," Pokemon director Junichi Masuda in a blog post about his E3 impressi... Read More

Pokemon Black/White Review

Let's get this out of the way, here and now- Pokemon Black and White are the best handheld games ever created.... Read More

Pokemon Black and White: When Can You Expect Our Review?

It's almost here, folks. We're on the last lap, and as only twelve days remain that separate us from the next ... Read More

Pokemon Black and White Hitting American Shores March 6

What promises to be the biggest release of next year- at least commercially- is all set to launch exclusiv... Read More

It’s Time To Catch Them All Again: Why Pokemon Black and White Will Be The DS’s Swan Song

207 million copies sold worldwide. Just take a minute to soak that number in. Two hundred seven million. M... Read More

Halo: Reach Not Even In Top 20 In Japan

Halo: Reach failed to sell well in Japan in its first week, and it was pretty much a given, since Pokemon ... Read More

Halo: Reach Fails To Beat Pokemon In Japan

We all know just how successful Halo: Reach has been in all parts of the world. But in Japan, Halo: Reach ha... Read More

DS Sales Increase, Thanks To Pokemon

Pokemon Black and White reportedly sold 2.63 million units in Japan on the first two days of release, becomi... Read More

Pokemon Black and White- 2.63 Million In Japan

Pokemon Black and White, the recently released Pokemon titles which got a perfect 40/40 from Japanese ga... Read More

Pokemon Black/White Gets New Footage

All new footage for the upcoming Pokemon instalments, Pokemon Black and White, was shown off in the Japanese t... Read More

Pokemon Black and White ‘major differences’ Revealed

Major differences between the upcoming and the highly anticipated Pokemon Black and White have been revealed i... Read More

Pokemon Black and White Releasing in Japan September 18

While the rest of the world will have to wait until early next year for the launch of the eagerly anticipated ... Read More

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