Dead Space Remake Guide – How To Unlock All Trophies And Achievements

Here's how to get every single Trophy and Achievement in Motive's stellar remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror.

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As a remake of Visceral Games’ 2008 survival horror classic, Motive’s Dead Space remake is a pretty meaty experience. If you’re looking to finish the story, it can take about 12 hours or so. However, there are enough collectibles, side missions and challenges to complete to get all the Trophies/Achievements, if that’s your thing. Many will be familiar to fans of the original, but there’s plenty of new content here as well.

How to Get All Trophies and Achievements

Here’s how to get all the Trophies/Achievements in the Dead Space remake. Spoilers follow, so be warned.

Concordance Officer

Unlocked by collecting all Trophies.

Welcome Aboard

Finish Chapter 1: New Arrivals.

Lab Rat

Finish Chapter 2: Intensive Care.

All Systems Go

Finish Chapter 3: Course Correction.

Cannon Fodder

Finish Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent.

True Believer

Finish Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion.

Greenhouse Effect

Finish Chapter 6: Environmental Hazards.


Finish Chapter 7: Into the Void.

Strange Transmissions

Finish Chapter 8: Search and Rescue.

Wreckage – Finish Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival.

Keeper of the Faith

Finish Chapter 10: End of Days.


Finish Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions.


Finish Chapter 12: Dead Space.

Final Regeneration

Discover the Hunter’s origins. First, complete the “Premeditated Malpractice” side mission, which starts in Chapter 6. You can complete this at any time before Chapter 11 ends. You’ll need to collect a Tissue Sample from the Cryogenic Chamber in Chapter 6, go downstairs in the Main Lab and scan it, and then go to the Intensive Care Unit to watch the recording.

Once this is done, travel to the Mining Deck in Chapter 7 and venture into Ore Storage. If you move the crates, you can interact with the log. Next, go to the Main Atrium on Bridge Deck and interact with the panel on the right for the report. Finally, go to the Hydroponics Deck, travel through the West Grow Chamber to the Diagnostics Lab and listen to the last recording in the back room.

Whole Again

Earned by completing Nicole’s Investigation. You need to start the “Scientific Methods” side mission in Chapter 2. Investigate Dr N. Brennan’s office after the quarantine lifts in the Main Lab to get Nicole’s log. Next, destroy the blockade to get to the Emergency Room. Activate a panel and watch it all the way.

This leads to a circuit breaker – activate the left one and then remove the wall with Kinesis to find a hidden room for the next log. Next, go to the Machine Room in Engineering in Chapter 3. At the back of the Calibration Room is another video of Nicole. In Chapter 7, go to Deck D: Maintenance and enter the Equipment Supply. After setting the circuit breaker to Storage 02, you’ll find the log on the floor.

Finally, in Chapter 10, go to the Deluxe Quarters and enter the Guest Consultant’s Suites. Go to the back, and you’ll find a panel that delivers the final video. The Trophy/Achievement should unlock shortly after.

Set A Benchmark

Finish the game on Medium difficulty or above.


Complete the game on Impossible, which is only available when starting a New Game (and requires beating Hard mode to unlock it). While the difficulty is essentially the same as Hard mode, there’s no auto-saving, and you only get one save file. Once you die, you must either start from the beginning or continue in Hard mode, thus preventing you from getting the Trophy/Achievement.

However, as of patch 1.04, there’s an exploit where choosing the second option – continuing in Hard mode – still allows the Trophy/Achievement to unlock. If you’re having trouble with this Trophy/Achievement, it’s worth trying before the inevitable patch.

The alternative is to either use a backup save from PlayStation Plus (make sure that Auto-Sync Saved Data is disabled in the Saved Data and Game/App Settings on PS5). You can also quit before you’re about to die.

Trusted Contractor

Complete New Game Plus on any difficulty.

Full Arsenal

Requires owning all weapons and Modules in the game. The Plasma Cutter and Stasis Module are in Chapter 1, the Kinesis Module and Pulse Rifle in Chapter 2, and the Ripper and Flamethrower in Chapter 3. You’ll find the Contact Beam in Chapter 4, the Line Gun in Chapter 5 and Force Gun in Chapter 6. Some are missable, so make sure you’re checking any rooms that require Security Clearance.

Built To Order

Install all weapon upgrades. Each weapon has three upgrades, for a total of 21. Security Clearance Level 3 and the Master Override key are necessary to get them all.


Kill 30 enemies using the Pulse Rifle.

Live with the Hot Ones

Kill 30 enemies using the Flamethrower.

A Cut Above

Kill 30 enemies using the Ripper.


Kill 30 enemies using the Force Gun.


Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun.

Full Contact

Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam.

One Gun

Finish the game by only using the Plasma Cutter. Melee and Kinesis kills, and stomping and environmental explosives are allowed. The best time to earn this is in a new playthrough, especially on Story difficulty. If you store other weapons, you’ll mostly receive ammo for the Plasma Cutter. You can still upgrade other weapons for the Built to Order Trophy.

Pack Rat

Store 25 items.

Story Teller

Collect 75 logs. Check out all logs locations here.

Legend Teller

Collect 150 logs. Check out all logs locations here.


Collect all schematics. Though there are 13 in total, it still unlocks even after collecting 12.


Dismember limbs 50 times.


Dismember limbs 500 times.


This is an interesting Trophy since it leverages the new Peeling system. Shoot an enemy limb until it’s weakened but not fully severed. Use Kinesis, and you’ll rip it off. If that’s too much work, then kill a Necromorph and use Kinesis to rip its limbs off.

Raise The Stakes

Pin an enemy, which can be done by using Kinesis on a metal bar and shooting it at an enemy. It will pin them to a nearby wall, thus unlocking the Trophy.


Use Stasis 50 times against enemies. Freezing the same Necromorph again and again counters towards the Trophy.


Kill ten enemies by stomping on them. Best for enemies that die from stomps, like the smaller creatures that spawn from Guardians and Dividers.

Maxed Out

Fully upgrade all weapons and equipment. Requires collecting all upgrade nodes in the initial playthrough, fully upgrading weapons to receive extra nodes, purchasing them from the vendor and then going into New Game Plus to collect the rest.

Front Toward Enemy

Unlocked by surviving the Shooting Gallery in Chapter 9 on the USM Valor. En route to the Singularity Core, explore the room on the right and interact with the panel. Wait about half a minute and Necromorphs will attack. After slaying them, this Trophy/Achievement is awarded.


Found in Chapter 10, Zero-G Basketball is located in the Crew Deck next to the Cafeteria and involves using Kinesis to shoot balls into the nets. You get five points for a goal, and ten when scoring a glowing goal. To unlock this Trophy/Achievement, you need to beat level 6, which requires 220 points. Focus on glowing goals, and this should be yours in no time.

There’s Always Peng!

Unlocked by finding the Peng treasure. In Chapter 11, venture to the Cargo Bay and take the elevator. Turn around after going down and move the crates near the locker with Kinesis. Open it up and Peng will be inside. Sell it for 30,000 Credits.

Full Clearance 

Unlocked by creating the Master Security Override. First, complete the “You Are Not Authorized” side mission, which starts in Chapter 4. It requires collecting seven Rigs, which you can do in any order (as long as the mission is complete before leaving the Ishimura). Once you’ve found them all, return to the Captain’s Nest beneath the Main Atrium and create the Master Security Override in the Bridge Security console.

Brute Force

Kill a Brute. Unmissable since you’ll encounter several of them throughout the story.


Kill the Leviathan. The Leviathan is a boss in Chapter 5, so this can’t be missed.

Get Off My Ship!

Kill the Leviathan Remnant, encountered in Chapter 8. Again, you can’t miss it since this is a story-related boss.

Mindless Prey

Kill the Hive Mind, the final boss of the game.


Pick up a Marker fragment. There are 12 Marker fragments in the game, which are necessary for unlocking the alternate ending. Read here to find all of their locations.


Watch the alternate ending. Though this is possible on any difficulty, you first need to complete the game and start a New Game Plus playthrough. Find all 12 Marker fragments and then go to the Executive Chambers on the Crew Deck. Enter the office of Captain Mathius and place the fragments. Finish the New Game Plus playthrough, and the alternate ending will replace the old one.

Dead Space is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. You can read our review here for more details.

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