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Steam Early Access – Good, Bad, Ugly?

Creative Director of SKARA, Pablo Rodriguez on the risks and the benefits of Steam Early Access.

Resogun Dev Diary: From Voxel Murder to Resolution Gunning In 1080p

Housemarque's Tommaso De Benetti shares exclusive info on the mesmerizing shooter's development.

Trine 2 Complete Story: Building an Epic 2D Adventure on PlayStation 4

GamingBolt gets an inside look into the development of Trine 2 Complete Story on the PlayStation 4.

Caromble! Developer Journal: Part Time Indies Developing Something Exciting

Five part-time game developers making something exciting.

Puzzle Knights Developer Journal: Tying Up Loose Ends

The ex A.I. lead on ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Medal of Honor European Assault’ talks about Puzzle Knights.

Irritum Developer Journal: The Emotional Toll of Making A Indie Game

Written by Nick Padgett, Developer of Irritum. Hello readers of GamingBolt! My name is Nick Padgett, and I... Read More

City of Steam Design Dev Journal – To the Wilds!

New developments for City of Steam.

Europa Universalis IV: Kill Your Darlings & Find A New Love – Creating A Sequel

What features to keep and what to let go off?

An Inside Look Into ‘Goodbye Deponia': The Story of Rufus And The Junk

Get a exclusive look in to the development process behind 'Goodbye Deponia'.

City of Steam Art Dev Journal: The Guard’s New Clothes

City of Steam tells us about the game's art style’s evolution .

Chasing Expectations: Adding multiplayer and new textures to XenoMiner

Jesse Nivens from Gristmill Studios talks about XenoMiner.

City of Steam Design Journal – Paragon Designed Items Redux

A look in to the design mechanics of City of Steam.

Five Great Reasons to Start your Games Career in Middleware

A developer journal by Chris Doran, COO and founder of Geomerics.

Living in the Light of Games

Sam Martin takes us through a journey in the world of lighting.

New on the scene: Gristmill Studios, Makers of XenoMiner

Gristmill Studios share their thoughts on XenoMiner.

Creating Charnel – A Scary Feat

Team Charnel shares their journey with developing 'Charnel'.

Growing with a Game

Get a inside look in to the development of City of Steam.

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