PS Vita: Year In Review And A Look Ahead At 2013

Just how well did Sony’s console perform this year?

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PS Vita was such a promising hardware but failed to deliver due to plenty of reasons, be it the games or the general price of the system which was beyond plenty of people’s reach.

However, when the system came out in February there was a lot of hype considering it’s a Sony product and it’s also something that looks absolutely stunning with the 5 inch OLED screen making games look much better than they are.

However, only a few games really took advantage of the hardware and some of them looked great simply due to the art design. We reviewed the system extensively during launch covering the hardware to games and also plenty of editorials and stuff.

The hardware itself was quite amazing as reviewed by yours truly. I gave the hardware an 8.5/10 and mentioned that it had a lot of potential.

“The PlayStation Vita is an amazing hardware. You will actually be surprised when you hold the thing, and get immersed in that beautiful OLED screen. The Vita is a must own system, if you like portable console experiences on the go with great network features.”


So let’s talk about the games, shall we, the weak point in the system’s arsenal. There is a growing concern that third-parties are going to ditch the system due to its low sales and that’s a perfectly acceptable concern because it’s even selling poorly in the Japanese market.

Two of the notable games we’ve had for the system in 2012 were Gravity Daze and Persona 4 Golden which is sort of an enhanced version of an old game with jazzed up visuals and extra content. Gravity Daze was an awesome game and we praised it a lot in our review.

“Gravity Rush is a killer app for the Vita; one that not only oozes a lot of charm and creativity, but also provides some much-needed diversion for people who own the system,” I wrote. It does seem like it has been a long time since I have written that considering I hardly pick up the system anymore.

call of duty black ops vita

Here are the great Vita games we’ve reviewed on GamingBolt so far. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a solid title from Sony Bend but what was Naughty Dog doing instead of supporting the system? Bend did a great job but the game was inconsistent as a whole with some input lag in the analogue sticks.

Here are the other launch titles for the system so far, and most of them were pretty average games. The sad part was that good games like Assassin’s Creed: Liberation didn’t get much exposure due to the low sales and a great third party effort like that should have been rewarded by people. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified turned out to be a pretty bad game when you look at the reviews but we didn’t review it.

There were other games like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3Everybody’s GolfModNation Racers: Road TripLittle DeviantsWipEout 2048, and while the last game was great, the launch line-up was pretty poor overall when it comes to quality.

So what else? We also had Unit 13 which was a great game but a bit generic too considering its Zipper we are talking about here. It was fun to play but could have been much better considering the foundation was solid.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was something that was a really quality title for the system, with tons of replaybility and value for money. Metal Gear Solid 3 looks as awesome as ever and runs quite great too.

There are a lot of itsy bitsy titles, including a massive one in Persona 4 Golden but we didn’t get a chance to review that yet. Overall it was a forgettable year for the Vita owner but hopefully we can see great games released in 2013.

soul sacrifice 3

Soul Sacrifice from Keiji Inafune looks pretty great and considering the recent Monster Hunter delay in Japan, we can’t quite understand whether Capcom is giving this game a chance to perform well commercially or not.

It is really vital for Sony to turn the ship around considering plenty of developers are shunning the Vita and it is also vital for them to drop the price of the system and bring it down to mass market price point because people have shown that they simply don’t care about dedicated hardware consoles any more and to tempt then a price drop is a must.

It worked for the 3DS and it could work for the Vita before, people forget about the whole handheld, oh and games are required too.

Overall Performance: C-

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  • michael pan

    To me it’s all in the price, i love the bundle idea but still a bit out of my reach with paying for school, and car. But if the 249.99 price of the bundle goes down it’s a done deal for me.

  • Michael Wood

    Ridiculous. With the amount of games that the article admits it didn’t review, how can it offer a complete assessment of the Vita?? It can’t. This is basically a standard smear job…not surprising considering I’ve never heard of this site before.

    Look at the line “some games…looked great simply because of the art design.” So yeah…go ahead and disregard any credit that would normally go to a console for that because…well, because it’s the Vita and like most haters, this “writer” discards the good because it gets in the way of the objective, which is to smear the Vita.

    LMAO…”We didn’t review Persona 4.” It’s only the best handheld game of 2012…but you didn’t review it, and you didn’t mention that it’s taken most of the superlative acclaim for handheld games in 2012. Super professional.

    Also…LOVE how they don’t even know the title to Gravity Rush…instead calling it Gravity DAZE. Gravity Rush is an excellent game. They were careful not to pretend to hate it, as well as not to heap too much praise on it…again…eyes on the prize…they have to smear the Vita.

    Then, as if to show just how completely unbalanced their POV is, they say didn’t play Black Ops Declassified…but they just took all the crappy reviews of it on their word. Hmmm…okay…great game Persona 4…didn’t review it, didn’t mention other reviews…allegedly “crappy” game CoDBOD…didn’t review it, mentions other reviews. Nice. Fair and balanced has apparently found a new home. /sarcasm

    Uncharted was wholly underrated, if the only adjective being used for it is “solid,” then I highly doubt the person who wrote this article played it, because it was incredible, especially when compared against the games the 3DS has to offer.

    Assassin’s Creed Liberation was uneven and choppy…definitely could’ve used a few more months in development, but again it’s got better gameplay, is more interesting and better looking than anything I’ve played on my 3DS.

    Black Ops Declassified gets a horrible wrap. You cannot finish the campaign in under an hour unless you run through every stage taking no damage, instakilling every enemy and doing so at a pace that would suggest several hours of practice. In short…you CAN’T. It took me an hour to get through three missions alone last night and I’m probably better at CoD than this “article’s” author.

    Black Ops Declassified’s multiplayer is insane. I almost want to play that multiplayer more than Black Ops 2’s MP. Almost.

    Oh and there’s the fact that Black Ops Declassified was the best selling handheld game of the fourth quarter, that it broke the top 15 games sold over all platforms.

    But wait…all of that would be flattering to the Vita and not condescending or smarmy at all. Can’t have that, can we??

    The Vita had a B+ year in 2012. It’s priced right…it’s the Memory Cards that are priced too high. It had great games come out for it, and anyone who says there are no great games for the Vita is either being willfully ignorant or they simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

    I’m guessing that for this author, it’s a little bit of both.

    • extermin8or2

      I like your points and agree with all of them except the COD thing, the game doesn’t look that great and although I think Resistance was given a hard time COD isn’t worth the price they are trying to charge for it and to find out it had a 5 month development time and was the by product of a cancelled full port of BO2 when activision didn’t want to spend the $ fixing bugs and adapting tech to work better on the vita is a real kick in the teeth….

  • Haz Kirai

    Meh, forget about the overrated vita! Those who listed crappy vita games and “love it or happy” are actually in full damage control mode. A marketing spam/ploy for you to buy the unsupported vita. FACT: true handheld winner goes to Nintendo, always.

    Instead, you should look forward these for your old PS3 in 2013 :

    1. The Last of Us — A pedophile’s heaven with guns, flesh and blood.
    2. Beyond: Two Souls — A drugged soul-less teenage girl with a hot twisty dream.

    This message is highly endorsed by Kaz Hirai of Sony.

    • extermin8or2

      No fact in there… just your opinion and why would people be in damage control mode? We aren’t sony we just bought the device an I’ll admit I was finiding it hard to justify the purchase after a few months, but since liberations came out and nfs and some great psn titles actually it doesn’t need justifying anymore because it is a great machine. Also clearly you have nothing better to do with your time than troll on sony articles; who’s trying to do damage control hmm? People who probably do actually like their vita or you? Feeling the need to go to other news storys and make stupid statements and try and push nintendo up? Yes they can be considered king of the handhelds (looking at sales alone) however considering they had to drop their price and do what they never do and sell at a loss plus they target a totally different audience. The most worrying thing is I think is your statement about the last of us- your fantasies about what content you want in a game and what’s in there are thankfully different things-although I’ll give you that beyond 2 souls will be crap just as Heavy Rain was and before that Fahrenheit.

  • Mario

    Vita’s future is bleak, not worth of keeping. Gamers don’t buy handhelds for waiting, they buy it for gaming now not later.

  • Silent

    Why does everyone forget about Ragnarok Odyssey? One of the best games on any system this year! Amazing combat, amazing multiplayer, and it looks beautiful on the Vita! One of the few games I actually continued playing well after I platted it.


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