10 Most Memorable Moments In Gaming This Year

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2010 has been a great year in gaming, probably the best yet in the last decade. With so many new games having been released- and most of them providing unforgettable experiences- and with so many innovations being made, mostly with success, this year has been heaven for all hardcore gamers.

But just games don’t make a year great in gaming, it has to be memorable as well. And how does it become memorable? If it has had moments that were good/bad/funny/whatever enough to make us remember them for a long, long time to come.

Below, we will be listing out ten of the most memorable moments in gaming. Read the list, enjoy, and tell us what you think of it in your comments below.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- (Disastrous) E3 Showing

If any of you watched the Zelda: Skyward Sword showing at E3 this year, you’ll remember that it could’ve been better- actually, much better. When Shigeru Miyamoto walked on stage with the Wiimote and Nunchuk in his hand, he looked far too happy, a grin spread across the breadth of his face.  As soon as Miyamoto began playing, though, his grin faded, turning into a grimace. Wireless interference was screwing with the Wiimote’s receptivity, and Skyward Sword wasn’t running properly. That almost gave us the impression that the game wasn’t properly developed, but of course, that wasn’t the case. But one thing is for sure, wireless interference sure made the conference a hell lot funnier that it was.

Dancing Like An Idiot (Kinect)

Whether you like Kinect or not, you have to agree upon the fact that you look like a complete nutcase while playing the Kinect, especially games like Dance Central and Kinect Adventures. Jumping and twisting and clapping and doing some other retarded stuff in front of a screen, which looks even more so when done in a group, makes us look like nothing but idiots. Of course, Kinect games are certainly fun to play, but at what cost? Looking like an idiot.

The Awesomeness That Is Kevin Butler

Sony’s E3 conference wasn’t really one that I would like to remember watching. While it did have a lot of good announcements, the way it was presented was pretty boring. However, one part of the conference that was not boring AT ALL was when Kevin Butler came on stage, to give his “speech” on the PlayStation Move. However, he did more than just shameless advertisement, his jokes, his subtle humour, his cracks at the competition livened up the show, and made for five truly unforgettable minutes in gaming in 2010.

Halo: Reach Release

Halo: Reach has to be one of the biggest releases of all time in gaming history, and it was certainly worth it. Halo: Reach, upon release, became the best-selling Xbox exclusive in history, had the biggest launch in entertainment in 2010, topped charts all over the place, sold a lot of Xbox 360s, and topped the Xbox Live charts again and again. It sold over 3 million units in the first day, grossing over $200 million, and till date, has sold around 7 million units. Not just this. The game got rave review. We gave it a 10/10, and other notable sites such as IGN and Gamespot rewarded it 9.5/10. Now that’s what I call an impressive launch.

PSP2 Leaks

The PSP2 has to be the most leaky thing ever created. While it still haven’t been officially announced to be in existence, we all know that it very much exists. The PSP2 has been leaked time and again. In the beginning, Dominic Mason, the director at AtomFire Production stated in his resume that he was working on a PSP2 title. After that, Developers behind the famed Mortal Kombat series, Netherrealm Studios, stated that they had the PSP2, and it was a pretty powerful machine. After that, an anonymous British source told VG247 that the PSP2 will be out later next year. Later, it was rumoured that the PSP2 would have a touch pad, and was facing some problems. More recently, VG247 came across exclusive images of a PSP2 Development Kit, and verified that the images were authentic. Come on Sony, announce it officially already!

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