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Former Rage Creative Director Joins Oculus VR

Matt Hooper is now director of development at the Oculus Rift creator.

id Software President Leaves Developer After 17 Year Stint

Todd Hollenshead has left to "pursue other personal interests".

Bethesda details Rage: Scorchers DLC

6 new areas

Rage Mod Tools Coming Soon, Says Carmack

"BFG work pushed the Rage tools, but Real Soon Now. I hope. Sigh."

“Cool” Skyrim and Rage announcements coming our way

Bethesda is hinting that they will be making some important announcement regarding Skyrim and Rage in April. ... Read More

RAGE Hits The MAC, Will Include Double Barrel Shotgun, the Rat Rod Buggy, Fists of RAGE and Crimson Elite Armor

Bethesda have announced that RAGE is now available for the Mac. This action-packed new shooter from id Sof... Read More

John Carmack talks about Doom 4, Rage 2 and a possible Quake title

John Carmack, the legend behind games like Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein and more recently, Rage, has given some ... Read More

RAGE Demo Available on PlayStation Network

Bethesda have announce that a RAGE demo on the PlayStation Network in North America. The demo will be avai... Read More

Carmack: 60 fps “hard” to achieve on Consoles; Comments On His Coding Style

It's a known fact that RAGE runs at 60fps. You could probably say that RAGE was one hell of a technical achi... Read More

RAGE Demo Now Available on Xbox LIVE

Bethesda have just released a RAGE demo on Xbox LIVE. The PlayStation Network demo will be available on De... Read More

Doom 4 “Indefinitely postponed” – Rumour

According to Kotaku, Doom 4 has been postponed by Zenimax due to poor sales of Rage. While it's disappointin... Read More

RAGE HD Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

Check out the full HD Video Walkthrough and Game Guide for  RAGE. Complete RAGE’s single player camp... Read More

Carmack blames Sony for inferior multiplatform title versions, says he prefers Xbox 360

John Carmack, whose new game Rage got recently received and got great scores on us on both the Xbox 360 and ... Read More

Rage (PS3) Review

The author of this review and the author of the Xbox 360 version review are different persons, and their views... Read More

RAGE PC Updated; Fixes a lot of Issues

RAGE has been patched for the PC, which introduces a lot of fixes for the issues surrounding the game. RAGE ... Read More

UK PC CHARTS: Rage leads, FIFA 12 drops to No. 3

Rage, which debuted strongly on the all-formats, Xbox 360 and PS3 charts, has topped the PC charts. Last wee... Read More

UK PS3 CHARTS: FIFA 12 still at top, Rage and Dark Souls round off top 3

FIFA 12 has topped the PS3 charts for the second consecutive week, just as it has the all-formats charts and... Read More

UK XBOX 360 CHARTS: FIFA still at top, Rage and Dark Souls debut impressively

FIFA 12 has, just as it did in the all-formats charts, has topped the Xbox 360 sales charts in UK for the we... Read More

UK CHARTS: FIFA 12 holds off Rage and Dark Souls

EA Sports' FIFA 12, which topped all charts last week and became the third biggest launch in UK< has topp... Read More

RAGE launch trailer is here

[HTML1] Bethesda and id Software have released a launch trailer for RAGE, which has now been released for t... Read More

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