15 Noticeable Cases of Graphical Downgrades

Looks can be deceiving, especially for the initial footage and graphical details for these games.

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The gaming industry, like any other, is built on hype. Hype for the next release, hype for the next update and hype for the next sequel. To generate that hype, game publishers and studios deploy trailers, all snazzy and lit-up with epic music and nifty edits. Sadly, the final product doesn’t always match that captivating reveal trailer. Let’s take a look at 15 noticeable cases of downgrades and questionable hype.

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky was a complicated case. With its initial reveal, the developer unveiled large alien creatures and a fairly dense planet teeming with wildlife. Enormous fleets and epic space battles were teased in screenshots leading up to launch. In comparison, the final game felt kind of empty. Those massive animals and epic space battles were almost no where to be seen. Procedural generation could be blamed for some of that and No Man’s Sky did have some pretty stunning vistas. They were just far from what the trailers before it had promised. Fortunately, Hello Games has been heavily supporting the game after launch and given us incredible forests, the potential to build massive bases and vastly improved visuals overall.

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