15 Times Game Companies Totally Lost Their Way

What happens when your favourite studio is seemingly down in the dumps? Find out here.

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Big games come and go but some developers hang around for years, decades even, crafting a legacy. Some of them become renowned to a ludicrous degree and we think they can do no wrong. But alas, there are some who falter and ultimately lose their way. Let’s take a look at 15 video game companies who suffered this fate.

BioWare – Anthem


Say what you will about Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition and even Mass Effect Andromeda – on some level, all of those games had something going for them. Not so in the case of Anthem, which released in a horrible state and probably has the worst post-launch support of any games-as-a-service title yet. It’s not the terrible loot drops, boring combat, lack of customization, barren end-game or plentiful glitches that gets us – it’s that BioWare, famous for some of the best RPGs ever made, couldn’t even string together a decent story to tell.

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