Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 is an open-world action adventure game developed by Volition, Inc. originally slated to be published by THQ and now ready to be published by Deep Silver for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC.

It was officially unveiled in March 2013 after months of rumours and speculation and is a direct sequel to Saints Row: The Third.

Saints Row 4 is slated to release in North America on August 20th 2013 with a worldwide release set for August 23rd 2013. 

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Publisher: Deep Silver, Koch Media
Developer: Volition Games
Platforms: PS3, PC, Xbox 360
Release Date: NA: 20th, August 2013, EU: 23rd, August 2013, WW: 23rd, August 2013
Genre: Open World
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CEO Klemens Kundratitz also speaks about the success of Metro.

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Aubrey Norris says it wasn’t easy convincing people that SRIV was a brand new entry.

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The Saints fend off heavyweight competition again.

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Meanwhile, Lost Planet 3 and Killer is Dead collapse in their opening weeks.

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A complete video walkthrough for Saints Row IV

Saints Row 4 Pre-Order Bonus Will Let You Play As Obama And Bush

Lincoln and Washington aren’t far behind.

Saints Row IV Publisher has “Never Been Renowned” for Jumping on New Consoles from Day One

Regardless, Deep Silver is still excited in what the PS4 and Xbox One have to offer.

Saints Row IV Review

Like The Matrix on crack, Saints Row IV never lets up, both in the virtual world and in reality (also virtual).

Saints Row IV Receives Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

Aka “Holy sh*t, it costs a million dollars?”.

Saints Row IV Australian Version Doesn’t Support Global Co-Op

Due to difference in content, you won’t be able to play with anyone outside of Australia.

Saints Row IV Dev Comments on Cliffy B’s Criticisms

“We need to make Saints Row, not a game someone else is already making.”

Saints Row IV Denied Classification Again by Australian Classification Board

Volition’s open world adventure has been given a final verdict.

Voliton: Future Saint’s Row Games Will Have Different Direction

A change in direction for the series is due, says Voliton.

Saints Row IV Banned in Australia

Have the Saints finally been derailed down under?

Saints Row IV Developer: “It’s a Full Game, You Just Need to Hear More”

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Saints Row IV cover revealed

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Saints Row and Metro Films Under Consideration in Long Term – Koch Media CEO

CEO Klemens Kundratitz believes his company has the ambition and ability to make it happen.

Saints Row IV is “Nothing Like Saints Row: The Third”

Volition assures us that the lack of a new engine is actually a good thing for the upcoming sequel.

Saints Row 4 Dev: “We’re Not GTA”, Boasts Loads of Customizations

Scott Phillips talks silly fun with customization and not being GTA V.

Saints Row 4 developer not worried about releasing close to GTA V

“If we were stylistically similar to the first Saints Row, I’d be horrified right now.”

Saints Row 4 (Thankfully) Doesn’t Need to Compete with GTA V

There’s enough room for both, don’t worry.

Deep Silver unveils its PAX East 2013 lineup

Includes Saints Row IV, Dead Island: Riptide, Metro: Last Light, and Sacred Citadel.

Deep Silver Teases “Something Huge” at PAX East, Saint’s Row 4 Rumoured

Could we see the next iteration of the insane open worlder?

Ubisoft is planning to bid for THQ’s IPs

Saints Row and WWE are precious IPs.

THQ legal documents reveal four new unannounced games

Darksiders devs also working on something new.

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