Final Fantasy 15

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Final Fantasy XV is an upcoming and long awaited entry into the long standing Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy XV is a fantasy action role playing game that is currently in development by the 1st production department of Square Enix which collectively handles the Fabula Nova Crystallis, Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. The title is also set to be published by Square Enix as is the tradition with Final Fantasy titles.

The game, which will be running on the Luminous Engine (the Luminous engine is an engine tailored towards specific aspects of a game, it will be running alongside another engine) to aid in achieving a “realistic” look will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is no solid launch date as of yet, but the title is expected to arrive around Q1-2 of 2015.

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Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix 1st Production Department
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Role Playing
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Final Fantasy 15 To Have Stage Shows, Q&A Events And Active Time Report At Gamescom

You’ll get to see a lot of the game at Gamescom this year.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Receives New Details, Final Fantasy 15 To Get Release Date At Gamescom?

Final Fantasy XV’s showing at Gamescom could mean an official release date.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked 2nd And 8th Respectively In The Latest Famitsu Charts

Expect Kingdom Hearts to move up the list as more information comes out.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ‘Attraction Flow’ Detailed, Final Fantasy 15 Updated Demo Features New Boss

Attraction Flow could be something pretty big for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Final Fantasy 15: Square Enix Confirms DX12 Demo Will Help The Game

DX12 is going to help with development of Final Fantas XV.

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae Demo Is Getting Version 2.0 Next Week

Enhanced frame rate and graphics upgrades will come with version 2.0 of the demo

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked Number One And Five In The Lastest Famitsu Charts

The latest rankings for the week ending 17th May have been revealed.

Final Fantasy 15 Tops Famitsu Most Wanted Chart, Kingdom Hearts 3 At Number 5

The latest rankings for the week ending 3rd May have been revealed.

Final Fantasy 15 Dev: “We’re Starting To Operate Like A MMO”

In terms of how much they are interacting with their community, that is.

Final Fantasy 15’s Noctis Might Come To Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts 3 Confirmed For D23 Expo

“We’re thinking about it, of course,” says Koei Tecmo director Takeo Kujiraoka.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked Number 1 And 5 In Latest Famitsu Most Wanted Chart

Famitsu’s most wanted games for the week ending 5th April, 2015 revealed.

Final Fantasy 15: Developer Explains Balancing Cutscenes With Gameplay

If it doesn’t need to be a cutscene, don’t make it one. Simple.

Final Fantasy 15: Gameplay Is Based On Three Important Pillars, Dev Comments On Game’s Completion

Three Pillars are thought to support what Final Fantasy represents nowadays

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae Demo Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae Demo.

Final Fantasy 15 New Details: Weapons, Armor, Level Cap And More

The game’s director reveals more information about Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 Demo Will Be Playable Right From Final Fantasy Type 0 HD’s Launch

You can go hands on with Square Enix’s magnum opus in the making as early as next month.

Final Fantasy 15 Targeting 1080p And 30 FPS, Update On Release Date

“It’s difficult to realize that with the graphics and features we have in the game,” says Hajime Tabata.

Final Fantasy 15: Online Features, PS4/Xbox One Optimization, Cutscenes And More Revealed

More staff are expected to come on board for FFXV and other projects.

Final Fantasy 15 Spin-off May Be Coming On The PC

Could this be a Spin off or Co-op campaign for Final Fantasy XV?

Final Fantasy 15: Day Night Cycle, Unique Weapon And Summon System, And More

Imagine if you actually got stronger in the real world by going camping.

Final Fantasy 15 New Details: No Loading Screens, NPC And More

New details come in droves for Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae Demo To Receive New Info At Jump Festa

New Final Fantasy XV information coming this December.

Final Fantasy 15: Map Size Detailed

Some speculation for the map in Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 Demo Arriving in 2015

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD arriving on March 17th 2015 in North America.

Final Fantasy 15: New Information Might Be Revealed At TGS 2014

It’s like Duke Nukem Forever all over again.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked In Top 10 In Famitsu List

The interest in these long awaited titles is still very much intact.

Final Fantasy 15 Director Envisions His Dark Knight, Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade Replicated By Fan

Tetsuya, you should invest your time into releasing Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 instead!

Final Fantasy 15 Director Revealed No New Info At SDCC, Kingdom Hearts 3 VA Remains Tight Lipped

The voice of Sora says he is not allowed to reveal anything at the moment.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Attending SDCC 2014

But new information about the game remains unlikely.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Still Being Developed On DX11

So a PC version might still be a possibility.

Final Fantasy 15: Yebis 2 “Only” Used in E3 Trailer, Further Usage Uncertain

The post processing effects middleware engine hasn’t been used for the full game it seems.

Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 3 Won’t be at E3 2014

Producer Shinji Hashimoto has some bad news for fans.

Square Enix Teases E3 Announcements, Final Fantasy 15 Information At Hand?

With just a week to go for E3, Square Enix releases a teaser video.

Final Fantasy XV Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy 15 Game and Engine Development “Breaking Into an Important Phase”

Square Enix’s action title may be further along than we thought.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Teased For E3

Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto also hints at appearances in other shows after E3.

Final Fantasy 15 Gets New Offscreen Gameplay Footage

Three new gameplay videos leaks from Thailand’s Comic-Con.

Final Fantasy 15 May Skip 2014 Release, Square Enix Reveals Reduced Sales Forecast

Reduced sales forecasts indicate that Square Enix won’t be releasing the AAA title this coming year.

Final Fantasy 15 Drops to Fifth in Famitsu Most Wanted List, Kingdom Hearts 3 at Seventh

Square Enix’s upcoming epics are still very much in the top ten ahead of E3 2014 though.

Final Fantasy 15: Battling the World to Encourage World Building or Simply Battling?

Can the former Versus XIII channel what makes RPGs great, even while it casts aside so many of their tropes?

Final Fantasy 15 Has “High Action System Unprecedented in Series”, Advanced Party Battle System

Official product descriptions for the Xbox One and PS4 provide some slight new details.

Final Fantasy 15 Uses Yebis 2 Engine for Real Time Computer and Optical Effects

A listing for Agni’s Philosophy could also hint at other effects used in FF15.

Final Fantasy 15: New Information Soon, Development Proceeding Smoothly

Of course, “when” the new info is coming is still uncertain.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 May be Showcased At E3 2014

Square Enix CEO and president Yosuke Matsuda also talks about appealing to JRPG fans.

Final Fantasy 15 is The Most Expensive Title Developed By Square Enix – Rumour

Which is hardly surprising, considering its long development cycle.

Final Fantasy 15’s Art Director is Yusuke Naora, Maleficent’s Role Discussed in Kingdom Hearts 3

Final Fantasy VII/VIII art director joins Tetsuya Nomura’s next gen action RPG.

Final Fantasy 15: Fully Orchestrated Version of the Game’s Theme To Be Made Available

Square Enix adds FF15’s songs to its upcoming compilation album.

Will Final Fantasy 15 Run At 1080p And 60fps On The PS4 And Xbox One?

Parity across both systems with full graphical effects on. Can Square Enix make it happen?

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Still Rank in Top 5 of Famitsu’s Most Wanted List

Both games maintain strong standings despite tough competition.

Final Fantasy 15 Still Linked to FFXIII, Given “Very High Priority” Along With KH3

The name might have changed but it’s still connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Among Most Wanted Games In Japan

Though surprisingly the latter ranks a few places lower.

Final Fantasy 15 Development Outsourced by Square Enix

Square Enix is taking rather interesting steps to finish development.

Final Fantasy 15 Fan Made Trailer is Astonishing, Kingdom Hearts 3 New Details Revealed

Tetsuya Nomura believes that the Keyblade “has infinite possibilities”.

Square Enix Focused on Flagship Titles Like Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS4 & Xbox One

Development will not be completely devoted to just smartphone devices.

Final Fantasy XV Update: Noctis Gets His Own Figurine

Designed by director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura himself.

Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Releasing Before March 2014

Fans will have to wait a little longer for Nomura’s epic.

Final Fantasy Committee Created to Ensure Quality of Franchise

Directors of past Final Fantasy titles on board.

Top 10 Features We Want to See in Final Fantasy 15

Nomura knows way better than us, but it wouldn’t hurt to see some of these.

Square Enix TGS 2013 Site Goes Live, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 Not Listed

This doesn’t mean either won’t be making an appearance however.

Final Fantasy 15 Producer On Sequels: ‘We Treat Each One Like A Full Numbered Game’

Shinji Hashimoto assures us that “we treat every game we make the same”.

Final Fantasy 15: Tetsuya Nomura Details Gameplay, Change in Vision

Has the shift to being a main franchise game affected the game’s overall direction?

Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Wanted to Remove UI, Hit Counters and Switching Characters

Initial plans were to make a pure action title with only Noctis playable.

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis and Friends Get Official Bios

Who are these people? Why the hell are they fighting?

Final Fantasy 15 Includes Realistic Destruction And Map Changing Due To The Power of PS4 and Xbox One

Nomura also reveals details about skills used by the protagonist, Noctis.

Final Fantasy XV Announced For Xbox One

The eagerly anticipated title not a PS4 exclusive.

Sony E3 Press Conference Review

Sony schools Microsoft and establishes its dominance in the next generation console race.

Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference Review

Microsoft bring their A game to E3, and hit the ball out of the park.

Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 Listing Found on Amazon France

The online retailer prepares for Square-Enix’s announcement.

Sony E3 2013 Preview: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Games, Apps And Expected Announcements

Half wishlist, half prediction of what Sony will deliver at E3.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Are New Details Incoming?

Nomura to appear on second episode of Square-Enix radio broadcast.

Square Enix: “Making Customers Wait for Years With No Information is Being Dishonest”

Thinks the transparency of Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight are the way forward.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV Heading to PS4 as Exclusive?

Apparently Sony is helping Square Enix develop the game in exchange for exclusivity.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Listed As Final Fantasy 15, Release Date Outed By Retailer

Final Fantasy Versus XIII. GameStop. Clothing brand. Shenanigans.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Combat System Changed, Release Date Between Q4 2013 to Q1 2014

Things just seem to get murkier for Square Enix’s forgotten epic.

Complete List of Confirmed And Rumored PS4 Games So Far

UPDATED: A complete list of games coming on the PS4.

6 Rumored PS4 Exclusives That Might Be Shown During Tonight’s Event

A rundown of the games that might be revealed during tonight’s event.

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